BACK                                    THE ROYAL GAZETTE, 29th May, 1915.

  Doubtless the announcements made in the columns of this paper this morning of the safe arrival of the B.V.R.C. War Contingent, will be thankfully received in many Bermuda households. The first stage of the journey is safely over, the boys who carried many a heart with them across the waves, have landed on Old England’s shores and, no doubt, have already cast many a backward mental glance at the little island which they will talk of, over the camp fires, as “home”.
   The thought of them brings to mind all of the other “boys” mother’s sons, who are gone to help in this great struggle. For, after all, be he lieutenant, captain or of higher rank still, be he ship’s boy, midshipman or stalwart seaman, he is somebody’s boy and there is some heart to rejoice for his safety or mourn his loss.
   If there is nothing else to be glad for in these days of anxiety and sorrow there is, at least, one thing--and that is the growing brotherhood and sisterhood of the world.
   In that wonderful picture which is given by Rudyard Kipling of the Memorial Service for the Canadians in St. Paul’s, the keynote of it is that feeling of kinship. People who have never met before, who, under other circumstances, never would have met, reached each other through this medium of a common sorrow.
   And all, in that vast cathedral, met to remember the dead Canadians, whose mother’s wept for them three thousand miles away.
   So, in Bermuda, those who have sons “at the front” will think of other mothers, Belgians, Russians, Italians, French and English, aye, and the German mothers too, who all wait and watch for news and for a joyful return of their boys.
   The world is full of anguish and mourning, and the only ray that can pierce the gloom is that golden one of sympathy  with the suffering of others.

                                                                                     THE B.V.R. CONTINGENT.
   We are glad to be able to announce through the courtesy of the Acting Colonial Secretary that the War Contingent of the Bermuda Volunteer Rifle Corps arrived in England on Thursday last the 20th inst., by the S.S. Cameronian.
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