BACK                                      THE ROYAL GAZETTE, 26 JANUARY, 1915.


                                     The Active Service

                                           MEMORANDUM FROM
                                            HIS EXCELLENCY THE

                                              Appeal For Recruits.

  The following has been forwarde to us by the Hon. R. Popham Lobb, C.B., for publication in the Royal Gazette:-
   The Colonial Secretary presents his compliments to the Editor of "The Royal Gazette" and has the honour to enclose herewith, for publication in the "Royal Gazette", a signed Memorandum by Lieut.-General Sir George Bullock, Governor and Commander-in-Chief, relative to the Bermuda Active Service Contingent.

25th January, 1915.

   Those who have seen the Active Service Contingent when they have made their route marches through Hamilton must have noticed the progress they have made in physique and military smartness. And this is not eyewash.  They have been working zealously and well in all their military duties: in musketry, digging and drill. they will be a credit to Bermuda and will help to make history and have gallantly answered the call of the Mother Country in her hour of need. there are still vacancies for men.
   Are there none who feel that call, and yet have not joined? If any such there be, we can still train them if they join at once and work hard, and they will be men whom Bermuda will hold in honour in the years to come. Will no other join this gallant band?

                                                                                                                         Governor and Commander-in-Chief.
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