Rivers of Nepal

Nepal is the 2nd richest country after Brazil in Water Resource. So, it has adequate amount of rivers, Lakes, and ponds to support this fact. Moreover, Nepal owns 6000+ Rivers and Streams. About 1000 Rivers are 11+ kms. The whole Length of rivers in Nepal is about 45,000 kms. The rivers of Nepal have the water storage capacity of 202,000 million cubic metres.

The rivers of Nepal can be divided into 3 catagories:

1. 1st Class: These type of rivers continuously flows from the Himalayan Ranges. Gandaki, Koshi and Karnali comes to this Catagory. They are described below:

Koshi is the 3rd biggest river after Sindu and Bramhaputra with length of 507 miles. It has got seven assitant rivers called tributaries combination of which is called Sapta-Koshi. These tributaries are Tamor, Arun, Dudhkoshi, Tamakoshi, Sunkoshi, Likhu and Indrawati. This river irrigates about 1/3rd of the eastern region of Nepal.

Gandaki flows pass the mid region of Nepal with total length of 332 miles. It's tributaries are Kali Gandaki, Budhi Gandaki, Seti, Trishuli, Rapti, Madi and Marsyandi and the combination of these 7 rivers with Gandaki is termed as Sapta-Gandaki.The discharge from this river is about 1,713 cu.m per second. This river enters India finding its way from Tribeni and Bhainselotan.

Karnali is the longest river of Nepal length of 513 miles. This river is also assisted by 7 major tributaries viz. Humla Karnali, Mugu karnali, Bheri (Thuli and Sani), Seti (Budhi Ganga) and Mahakali. The average discharge of this river is about 1316 cu. m per second. Some Dolphin Species are also found in this river.

2. 2nd Class: These type of river have it's eye in the Maharbharata range and they don't always continuously flows like 1st Class rivers but these river don't dry. Some examples of this type of rivers are Mechi, Kankai, Bagmati, Trijuga, Banganga, Tinau, Rapti, Babai, Mohna etc.

3. 3rd Class: These type of river have it's eye in the Chure hills. They increase in its volume during monsoon season and are completely dried in winter season. They are not useful for transport and hydropower but useful for irrigation purpose only. Some of its examples are Jamuni, Manusmara, Hardinath, Tilabe etc.


The only river in nepal to flow from south to north in Karmanasha.

Rivers with same name flowing in 2 direction is Rapti.

SaptaKoshi river is also called as " Bihar's Sorrow"

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