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    Special gaming dice OFLAMERON shall help you remembering French words effectively. Letters of the French alphabet are placed on die sides. All alphabet can be placed on 5 dice.
    Gaming dice may be made by 2 methods: print out drawings, cut out and glue dice or place letters on sides of usual gaming dice.
    Either one or a few pupils may participate in the game. Players throw in turn all 5 gaming dice at once and write down the dropped-out letters on their sheets of paper. After several throws, it becomes possible to make French words of the written-down letters. Points are scored to the player for each made
French word and its correct translation. The number of points is equal to the number of letters in the announced French word. The letters used for drawing up the word are struck off the player�s list. The player can announce only one French word per move.
    Before the game begins there should be defined the number of moves to be done by players. For example, each player will throw dice 50 times. After that the game comes to an end, the gained points are counted and the winner is defined.
    While playing, the participants have to recollect constantly the French words, trying to make them of the letters collected. It makes players to repeat all French words known to them TENS OF TIMES within one game, thus ensuring a highly effective training.
    Such variant of game takes a rather long time. There is a faster variant of the game. The player announces the French words beginning with letters which dropped out on the dice. The player is scored points equal to the quantity of letters in those French words which he announced and to which he or she gave a correct translation. Game can be ended using one of two methods. The first one entails limiting the quantity of moves. The second one is used when the player can�t announce any French word for the letters which dropped out on the dice.
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    You may use OFLAMERON dice to learn any European language. It is enough just to change the alphabet letters.
    It is easy to add to game a complication system and bonus system to increase the players� interest.
    The game OFLAMERON is intended for children aged at least 7.
    Original Idea and Design - Valery V Shmeleff http://www.oflameron.ru
    For more info place �Oflameron paper game� in Google search engine
    Learn French
    Learn French
    Learn French
    Learn French
    Learn French
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