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This web page contains all good components and is virus free. It has been checked with Norton's AntiVirus and McAfee's AntiVirus. The software downloaded from this web page is guaranteed to be trojan free!

20 October 1998 - I have retired from playing Diablo on battle.net. From now on, I'm only going to play Starcraft and Brood Wars on battle.net until Diablo 2 comes out. I have never been killed on battle.net. So if you see any BoBaFeTT's in any games, it's not me and most likely they want you to kill them. To be sure it's me on battle.net, do /whois Great-BoBaFeTT. If you don't see me logged in, then you know the person is a fake.

Download BoBaiNST.zip (1,667,521 bytes) 100% Y2K compatible

17 June 2001 - The latest version of the BoBaFeTT Trainer version 6.8 is now online and WORKS WITH DIABLO 1.09! Added a setup.exe program to make installation easier with a standard way of installing the trainer. Go to the files section if you want more information about it.

SOON to the RELEASED: The source code to the FULL version of this trainer. Look for it on this page soon.

Download BoBaSRC.zip (50,858 bytes) Y2K compatible and virus free.

14 Jan 2001 - The BoBaFeTT MINI Trainer in Visual C++ 6.0 form! Here is the source code to the mini version of the trainer for Diablo 1.08. This proves that it was written originally by me and was not taken from Enigma's trainer source code. Look at the structure of how it was written. This code is copyrighted by the [email protected]

There is a hex edited version of this trainer going around called 'Stu's Trainer' You should delete that version if you have it because it's not official from this site and may cause damage to your system.

Download BoBaMiNi.zip (1,639,653 bytes) Y2K compatible.

14 January 2001 - This is version 6.7 of the BoBaFeTT mini Diablo Trainer. This version works with Diablo 1.08. Added a setup.exe for easier installation and use of this mini trainer for Diablo. Updated the BoBaFeTT MINI Trainer! This version is much improved and is very efficient.

1 November 1998 - Now includes BoBaHell.hak for Hellfire.

17 October 1998 - The latest version of the BoBaFeTT MINI Trainer version is now online. This works with Diablo 1.07!! This is a mini version of the full trainer in that there are no cheats built into it. All of the cheats from the BoBaFeTT trainer are included as a separate .dat. Just the basic item import, export and character edit, save and load functions is what this trainer does.

Download hellfire101.zip (588,220 bytes) Y2K compatible

This contains the patch to make Hellfire 1.01 into Multiplayer so that you can play it over an IPX network like Kali on the Internet. You simply run the Hlfpatch.exe and it patches your Hellfire 1.01. This also contains Command.txt which gives you the two additional character classes, the bard and barbarian.

Download GreatBoT.zip version 2.0 (33,026 bytes) Y2K compatible

10 May 1998 - GreatBoT version 2.0 is now released! It's the best bot available for battle.net! Check it out!

The account number for the real BoBaFeTT on battle.net is #55186. I state this because there are a lot of fake BoBaFeTT's that come on there and get themselves killed. How did I collect so many ears on battle.net? Well, although I don't cheat, I do use the BoBaFeTT Trainer to store the ears from my INV offline into .itm files. I wrote a program that reads from my directory all of the names, levels and classes from the .itm file and store that into a .htm file for display here on my pages. I do the same for the other members in the "Dark Side" guild.

BoBaFeTT's battle.net.EAR OF FAME!
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BoBaFeTT's Kali Hellfire EAR OF FAME

MacInTrash trainers

I've never been killed on battle.net. I'm very proud to say that. When a player kills me, they will be shown here. The only proof they will have that they have killed me is that my ear says something different than "BoBaFeTT". It will show level 37 and the class I am at when I was killed, and it will say a special word (or words). They will have the proof when they can tell me what that word (or words) are.

I am going to try and make this the largest and best Diablo Site on the Internet. You might ask why another Diablo Site? Well, mainly because I got tired of trying to find the information I needed on the net. Especially since most of the sites I went to were just links to other sites with no actual content on the site itself. This is the main reason why I have focused on content first and links last. I do plan on adding links, but not until I get a few more things done here on the site. Please let me know what you think of the site by dropping me some mail.

What's NEW? - I added a lot more monsters to the Unique Monsters Page. There are no cheats on these pages.

What's COMING?- Some of the things I have planned for this site but haven't added yet are a forums section, a tips and strategy section, and a complete list of the magical item modifiers. Perhaps I will add a news section as well, and maybe a bounty page. I should have some of these up on the site within the next few days.

What is Diablo?

Diablo is a great game from Blizzard (the makers of Warcraft and it's sequels). Diablo is being billed as a role-playing game, and in the single player mode it actually is. Although even in Single Player mode it is one of the most basic go kill this and get that type of RPG that most hard core role-players will be put off by it's simplicity. The game is great for introducing those unfamiliar with role-playing to the genre. The Multi-player is where Diablo really shines as a game. It has less quests and come out more as a hack'n'slash type game in Multi-player mode, but the fact that you can interact with others makes it very addictive. The game sports an easy to use interface which most people can handle without even a glance at the manual (although some people should read the section on LATENCY before asking about the bars next to their name). The game sports beautiful SVGA graphics that dazzle the eyes and some really cool sound effects. The music that accompanies the game is very good at setting the mood except for in the town where the volume of that particular tune seems to be extremely high compared to all the other music tracks in the game. The monster death scenes are particularly satisfying as are the dynamic lighting effects. It's nice to be able to shoot a fireball down a long path and get glimpses of what is ahead by using the light it throws off. The game saw many delays in release but was well worth the wait. Make sure your system has all the current drivers and that they are DirectX v2.0 or 3.0 compatible. Overall this game is highly addictive and another great product from the folks at Blizzard. Below are the Minimum System Requirements for Diablo.


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