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For the next Silver State Classic open road racing event!

Next event: September 14-17, 2000

I would like to extend an open invitation to all interested parties to join us for the upcoming Nevada Open Road Race May 16th. The race is a time-speed-distance bracketed event with classes ranging from 95mph to 165mph plus an unlimited class. If you've ever wanted to go mash the gas for 90 miles on a public highway -- this is the race for you!

Team Pantera has organized a team challenge to which we would like to respond with a Mustang Team! If you are interested in competing in the race with your Mustang and would like to be a member of this team please contact me immediately so we can get the roster set up for the event. We had a great turnout for "Team Mustang" at the September 1998 running of the Silver State Classic with 16 cars on the roster! (Make sure to watch ESPN2 for the race coverage on November 25th at 4:00 PM PST!) In May we're going to be back -- and better than ever!

The following is a post from the Silver State Race Website Message Board:


"Team Pantera Racing (TPR) again invites any and ALL car clubs to join us at the next Silver State Challenge September 20, 1998.

We have proposed to the SS Board two distinct Team Challenge Awards. One category will be open to any club or team of any age or marque that can start a minimum of 10 club cars at SS.

The second team award would be open to any vintage car club that can also start a minimum of 10 cars at least 20 years old. In both cases the winning team(s) will be awarded by the highest percentage of cars that both finish and place (1st 2nd and 3rd) in the event.

It is conceivable that "one" vintage club team could win BOTH awards! As the event sponsors provide a discount to any club that can bring a a minimum of 10 cars we think the competing teams should also be required to start a minimum of 10 cars.

Team Pantera Racing is "still" the team to beat. We started 10 vintage Panteras and we FINISHED 10 vintage Panteras (NO DNF or DQ).

Where's the Porsche Team? Where's Ferrari? Where's BMW? Where's Mustang? Where's Jaguar? Where's Lotus? Where's Triumph? Where are the millions of Corvettes that were built, delivered and warming up garages?

Any one can say their fast -- it's time to put up or shut up! Better get on the phone and tell your buds their manhood has been questioned!

So, right now TPR salutes Team ZR-1. Real men, real machines!!

Mad Dog Antenucci

Team Pantera Racing

If your not on the edge your taking up space"

-----------------------------------------------------------------------(end of post)

This is a great event and the team concept will provide a great opportunity to meet other racers and 'Stang enthusiasts! Let's see if we can get ten or more cars to show up! We hope to hear from you soon! Respond via e-mail at: [email protected]

Make sure to put "Team Mustang" on your entry form or if you've already entered contact the SSCC race office and let them know that you're part of the team! Make sure to let me know as well via e-mail so I can put you on the team roster. The team members will qualify for a post-race entry fee rebate if more that 10 cars show up!

Race information can be found at:

Thanks for your time...

Best regards,

Russel Truex (89 LX)

Event Background and FAQs

Notable Mustang racers who have competed in past events are: Charlie Turner and hisSteeda; Helder Antunes of Ford Performance Solutions; and Richard Holdener, contributing writer for Muscle Mustangs & Fast Fords magazine.

These races are speed-bracketed events with the racers (and navigators - in reality, they are a co-pilot supplying the proper time/course information during the race) vying for the closest average speed to their pre-chosen target average speed (with the exception of the Unlimited Class, in which entrants drive b*lls-out for the entire course). For example - for two cars in the 110mph class, an average speed of 110.006 would be the winner over an average speed of 109.500. Classes also have a "technical speed", meaning that the car MUST not exceed that speed on any part of the course, or be disqualified and subject to a speeding ticket appropriate with the laws of Nevada, and maybe banned from the event for a year or life! (Radar guns are used in unannounced locations on the course to check for this infraction). Helmets are required for all competitors and racing suits are required for most classes. A car's safety equipment and condition - i.e. race suits, rollbar, tires, seat belts, fire extinguisher/system determine what class a vehicle is approved to enter and its "tech speed". A technical/safety inspection is required for all entrant's cars, and entrants must have medical exam forms completed by a physician as well as complete a race driving class (unless they have competed before). See the other page on this site for the grid of the Silver State technical requirements for each speed bracket. Entrance fees for each event run between $300 and $600 (total) for driver and navigator. Both events feature a car show of entrants' vehicles, the already mentioned tech. inspections, and a required driver/navigator meeting, so the events last about four days.
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Rodger Ward's Classic Auto Racing Society organizes a few events each year, including the famous Pony Express 100. This year they have added an event in Texas called the Big Bend Open Road Race to their line-up which already includes the aforementioned Pony Express and the Gamblers Run Twin 50. The CARS events are well attended and are usually covered for video and/or television!

For an information packet contact:

C.A.R.S., Inc.
1464 Graves Ave., Ste. 107-225
El Cajon, CA 92019
(619) 440-6043

C.A.R.S. Open Road Racing Site

E-Mail: [email protected] (Rodger Ward's C.A.R.S.)

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The Silver State Classic is an older event with pretty much the same format, 90 miles for best average speed in class. This event takes place on the third Sunday of May and September each year, just outside of Ely (the event hub), and is run north to south on Highway 318 from Lund to Hiko. This is the event in which I have competed (and completed) three times and that has led to my addiction to open road racing! This race is very well organized, and the staff and racers are so friendly that they begin to feel like old pals or family. I highly recommend this event!

For an information packet contact:

Silver State Classic Challenge, Inc.
P.O. Box 420
Ely, NV 89301
(800) 496-9350 {or outside the U.S. (702) 289-3720}

Silver State Classic Challenge Open Road Race

E-Mail: Silver State Classic Challenge, Inc.

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From past experience it is advisable to have a good cooling system, proper aerodynamics, and the proper gearing to keep the car running in its powerband! The faster you go, the more important these factors are! One important fact to consider is that both of these events take place at relatively high altitude (3500-5000 ft.!). My first try I was overheating and I completely burned up a Ford AOD transmission due to the heat and the speed. (It made the event about $1400 more costly than it should have been, and it gave me three days off of work without pay due toan extended vacation in Las Vegas while I had my trans. rebuilt.)

F.Y.I.s: "Ram-air"s work great! Superchargers seem to have a lot of trouble due to the fact that running at full boost for 40 minutes creates too much heat. Placing duct tape on the front body seams reduces a lot of drag - as do cowl hoods or raising the rear of the hood on the hinges with spacers to let excess air pressure out. "Lower is better" and handling plays a big part, so suspension upgrades are highly recommended.

If you contact either of these two events make sure to mention that I sent you. (there is no monetary or other gain for me). They just like to hear where their referrals came from and how you found out about the event.

Let's see if we can go out there, as a team, and take home some trophies and glory! Pass this on to all those you think would have an interest. Keep in touch!


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Russel C. Truex
Lake Forest, CA
1989 Mustang LX 5.0L Hatchback
# 24 (Grand Sport Class)
E-mail: [email protected]


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