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This site is devoted to parts of the paper newsletter called Fractal Report that I produced single handedly and which appeared in the 1980s and 1990s. It is very much a publish the text type of site rather than a gee whiz multimedia experience, although some of the later issues of Fractal Report do have some colour graphics.

The parts that are included are those which I had available in machine readable format. In addition, some graphics have been excluded in order to keep the size within the 6MB allowed by GeoCities to qualify for a free site. (You will find "Image not available" messages on some issues of Fractal Report). Many of the graphics are in monochrome because that is how they appeared in the printed edition., You will need to enter and run the programs to see them in full colour.

If there is sufficient interest, an expanded version on CDROM could be made available. I am not sure how many have to be ordered to make pressing a practical proposition.

Yes, I know that modern computers are not supplied with BASIC compilers. You will need to get one in order to enter the programs, and as some of the early programs were written for other systems you may also need to convert them to your current machine.

It took long enough to compile this version, but it seemed a shame to let all that work otherwise go to waste. Although the back numbers are available, the price is really high for what they are and a complete set is a heavy parcel to post. Web publishing is an obvious solution to avoid this waste.

However do realise that

1. It is free

2. It is not perfect.

I cannot spend a lot of time getting it from say 90% right to 100% right, so please do not expect emails about errors to be answered enthusiastically and speedily or even at all.

I hope that you find it an interesting resource as it stands and get some enjoyment from it.

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I am looking for volunteers to type in the other issues and email me the result in html for later inclusion, and snail mail floppies with the graphics (needed for CD ROM version). If this happens, then further graphics may be deleted from the site in order to make way for the text. Once you have the text, you can run the programs and make the graphics yourself. If you wish to volunteer to do this, my only condition is that you are willing for your email address to be posted for any queries relating to the issue you have done. (It would be very difficult to get every dot and comma of programs correct the first time). If you wish to volunteer, please email me advising which issue you would like to do (preferably giving a second choice). I shall need your snail mailing address to send the relevant issue to you (surface mail overseas to UK.) If you are offering a commercial service of relevance, then you can include details as an advertisement on the issue you do, but this cannot appear on GeoCities, only on the CD ROM, which as I said may never happen anyway.

Email: [email protected]

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