Attaching the Stem to the Calyx


By Ron Yu


 Have the stem and calyx ready. What we will do here is open up the bottom of the calyx (the side without the squashed square in the middle), insert the knobby top part of the stem, and close the bottom of the calyx. I wouldn’t call the method elegant but it’s a sturdy and clean-looking attachment.


 Open one side by lifting a flap from the center of one of the sepals of the calyx. Be careful and avoid tearing the paper.


 Open the opposite side likewise.


 Pull the open edges slightly apart to reveal the bottom of the squashed square in the middle.


 Place the knobby top of the stem in the square. It should just about fit inside the square.


 Push the flaps back as shown.


 Reform the folds you have undone in opening the calyx.


 It may look easy here but you may need to get a feel of the calyx fold structure.


 If done properly you should get this pretty clean (albeit quite inexact) finish.


 Re-flatten the calyx as much as possible.


 The top won’t be as clean now as before but it will be hidden inside the rose anyway.





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