Simple Stem for the Kawasaki Rose


By Ron Yu


blue line = valley fold

red line = mountain fold


 Start with a rectangle whose width is 1/6 the side of the square used for the rose (1/3 of the side of the square used for the calyx). It need not be strictly exact. You could have it as long as possible (it could be easily trimmed when finished). Valley fold the long edges to the center.


 Crease with a valley fold 1/4 of the paper width from the edge of the paper.


 Squash-open, following the previous crease and the lines as shown.



 Turn over.


 First fold: along the edge of the trapezoid.


 Second fold: halfway from the edge of the trapezoid.


 A pleat is formed. Turn over.


 Valley fold to the center, starting at the bottom. Follow the small triangular fold when you get near the top.


 It doesn’t flatten well at this point. Turn over.


 Valley fold along the center, starting from the bottom upwards.


 When you get near the top, do the indicated Y-shaped fold.


 The top would flatten out nicely now. Open the trapezoidal flap at the top.


 Valley fold halfway inwards.


 Close the flap.


 Here we are simply making the top part compact. Fold as shown.


 Fold under.


 Finished stem. Go back to the home page for instructions on how to attach the stem to the calyx.





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