Simple Leaf for the Kawasaki Rose


By Ron Yu


Start with a square whose side is 1/3 the side of the square used for the rose. It need not be strictly exact. Valley fold two edges to the center.


Valley fold as shown. The angles arenít important as long as theyíre the same (the paper remains symmetrical).


Valley fold in half.


Inside reverse fold downwards on the side with the shorter edge. Angle and distance from center isnít important.


Inside reverse fold upwards on the previous fold. Angle determines the angle of leaf with respect to the stem.


Valley fold the small flap in half. There are two layers; do the same on the back flap.




To finish the leaf, open it up and create ridges as shown by alternating mountain and valley folds.


You may want to do this by alternating inside reverse folds while the leaf is closed, as shown, then opening the leaf. The number of ridges isnít important, just do a considerably aesthetic amount (I usually do 6) and make sure the tip points upwards.





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