Attaching the Calyx to the Rose


By Ron Yu


You can attach the calyx to the rose without the stem but if you plan to attach a stem anyway you need to attach the stem to the calyx first.


With the rose bottom open, insert the diagonal of one flap into a slot in the calyx. If it wonít fit the right way you may need to redo the calyx, this time mirroring the steps. The diagrams for the calyx that Iíve provided twists clockwise as seen from the top, and fits the Kawasaki rose on the Dan of Toasters site.


Insertion done. Basically you need to do this with all 4 bottom flaps of the rose, closing the rose as you go along.


Inserting the second flap.


Second insertion done. Note that with this design I work my way counterclockwise (rotating the rose clockwise).


Third flap is inserted, and then the fourth. The last insertion (shown) involves tucking the last flap under the first.


Insertion completed.


This is how the rose with the calyx and stem should look like. You may opt to curl the sepals of the calyx downwards for effect. Diagrams for an optional leaf are provided at the home page.





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