Simple Calyx for the Kawasaki Rose


By Ron Yu


Part 2 Ė Finishing Steps


blue line = valley fold

red line = mountain fold


Starting from the crane base, fold top left layer to the right and bottom right layer to the left.


Fold flap from the bottom upwards.


Do the same on the other side.


Bring the top flap downwards at a right angle (90 degrees).


Bring the red line to the center via mountain and valley fold.


This is what youíll get. Try to study the picture carefully.


Bring shown flap downwards. In effect the layer at the back will be folded 90 degrees.



Do the same mountain-valley fold step as you did on the first flap. Iíve omitted the lines for a better view.


Similarly, bring another flap downwards.


Again, the mountain-valley fold on the third flap. The figure is rotated as you go along.


To bring down the fourth flap, you have to first push back and upwards the part indicated by the arrow.



Do the mountain-valley fold one last time.


Youíll get this nice shape with a protruding pyramid in the center. We want to flatten that out.


If your rose spirals clockwise outwards, then twist the pyramid edges clockwise. Counterclockwise otherwise (Danís rose spirals clockwise).


As you twist, slowly form the center square by squashing.


Finished calyx. This can now be attached to the rose, but if you plan to add a stem, you need to attach the stem to the calyx first before attaching the calyx to the rose. Go back to the home page for links to the instructions.


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