Mae govannen, mellon nīn!
It is a truth universally acknowledged that the ability of language is one of the qualities that set man apart from his fellow beings. If such is the case, then the eloquence of the Elvish tongues is certainly one of the qualities that set the Children of Eru so highly apart from all creatures of Middle Earth. Therefore I hope that this doorway (fennas) to Tolkiens Elvish (Edhellen) speech will be able to show some of the eloquence and beauty of the Elven words!

The Elvish language called
Sindarin is described by Tolkien as the speech of the Sindar Elves of Beleriand, still daily spoken by the Elves in in the Third Age of Middle Earth. This is also the tongue we hear most in the Lord of the Rings film adaptations of Peter Jackson. The language called Quenya, however, Tolkien describes as spoken by the Noldor Elves in the early history of the world, which became the language of lore, preserved by both the Elves and the Kings of Nśmenor.

At this website you will find all Elvish dialogue that appears in the
Lord of the Rings film trilogy, complete with grammar explanations for each sentence or verse line, audio clips and illustrations.You will also find a page dedicated to the Elvish fragments from the books plus a history of the Elven tongues (Written Speech).

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