The Mechan Saga
C3/DS Genetics

Briar Norn
These norns would rather play with animals than toys. They get lonely very easily.


Cesare Norn
A compilation of all the Officially new sprite sets for DS. I think they're kinda cute.


Charren Grendel
Hermits of the desert, these Grendels prefer to be alone, away from the hubbub of society.


Childlike Ettin
Cute, eh? These little Ettins stay children their entire lives, and as a reult, are infertile unless artificially aged.


Coffee Norn
These Norns never get tired of sleepy. It has some peculiar side-effects.


Depth Ettin
The Depth are the warpworlders, travelling the dimensions in search, cheese?


Distort Norn
The healthier the parents, the more mutated the offspring.


Eel Grendel
Peaceful water-breathing herder Grendels. Get them to water quick.


Ettinhead Norn
These are very good at breeding. And breeding. But who cares, they're so cute, right?


Gill Norn
Completely aquatic, so they cannot breathe air. They will survive for quite a while without breathing after birth, to make it possible to submerge them as soon as possible.


Glare Ettins
Hey, I happen to like garishly coloured fluorescent Ettins. Do I have to have a reason for everything? Oh yeah, these ones won't steal your gadgets.


The Infinity Ettins for C3/DS
These cannot breed, are practically immortal, and do not spread disease. They are my all time favourite Ettin, apart from the Purge (soon to be released).

Infestation Grendel
These breed very well. And they aren't nice.

Leaf Norn
This Norn gets its starch from sunlight. It is at home in both the Norn Terrarium and the Desert.


Leucine Ettin
These are just so cute! They have a rather short fuse though...


Moray Ettin
A lonely spiteful water-breathing Ettin. Get it underwater quick.


Nice Ettin
Ettins based on norn Dna. They are fun to breed and won't steal your gadgets.


Nice Grendel
Grendels based on Norn dDna. Lovable and even cute, in some respects.


No-instinct Norn
These are a simple experiment. No hard coding. They failed, and needed total 24 hour care. Oh well. Download 'em anyway!

Psychofuzz Norn
Well, what do you expect. An acidic norn with a neutral temperament.

Purge Ettins
An unstoppable killing machine. They were a sort of experiment into Artifical Death. Be warned, it will attempt to kill or seriously injure any creature (be it norn, grendel, ettin or shee).


Quartz Norn
These creatures are more akin to Buffalo - they herd together for protection and are mainly herbivorous.


Squirrel Ettins
Add some variety to the Ark. These Ettins will hoard in the jungle.


Talon Norn
Rather like wild cats, these Norns will prowl their desert home looking for food.


Timid Norn
You think this norn looks dead? That's 'cause it is. By far the hardest Norn to raise, breed, feed, and pretty much anything else.


And now for the zips! You can download
  a) all these genetic breeds in one zipfile: Download
  b) only the norn breeds in one zipfile: Download
  c)Purge Ettins (at your own risk): Download

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