5th annual NuggetBrain/Keene Outing in Stanton, AZ
Important update please read Price has dropped for the outing !!!
Private Outing 2009
The 5th Annual NuggetBrain/ Keene Outing !!
Whoopee!! Here we go for the 5th time!! Once more, a grand outing has been planned for our friends and fellow prospectors. Each year we try to do something different. And this Year we have a great deal for you. And from 24 Karat Goldhunters
As we strive to reach the ultimate unforgettable outing. Here are our plans for this year. Dig Dig Dig get the Gold. The dates are May 9th- May16th At Stanton Arizona You can bring dry washers ,mini high bankers, dowsing rods or metal detectors. anything You think will find the Gold!!! There is no water at this time so You must bring it in if needed for wet operations.
As always on all the claims all the gold You find You KEEP!! This Year the cost is $200.00 per person this includes Dinner starting may 9th through breakfast May 16th if you are a 24 Karat member.If You want to 24 Karat club the cost is $75.00 1 week mini membership per family for a total cost of $275.00!! see form below. Or You can join the Weaver Mining for $25.00 per year we will have the forms at the outing to join for a total cost of $225.00 This includes the food for 8 days breakfast ,bag lunch ,dinner. **The only costs that are not covered are hook up fees in Stanton $5-$10 per night if needed. Dry camping is no charge (but you will be far from the night HOT spot)What to bring ? Camera for those special photos.Sharp steak knife, sleeping bag, clean clothes, snake chaps, mining equipment, flash lights, extra batteries ,hats ,hiking boots 2 pairs, shower needs ,bottled water at least 1 case per person for your personal use, sun tan lotion, folding chair, ATV or something 4 wheel drive to get to the hot spots. If you would like to partake in the evenings events please bring 1 gallon of rum and 2 gallons of guava juice or 1 gallon of orange and 1 gallon of pineapple juice (in place of guava juice).If You do not drink rum then bring a couple of cases of water or soda pop for all to share. Some extra cash for the drawings. We ask that you help a 3 meals for cooking and clean up so we all can enjoy the outing. What to expect from this outing ? Some of the most talented Miners will team up and show you how to use the equipment and you will go home with GOLD!! I agree Yes and I want to join in 
Address _________________________________________________________
City ________________________State ________________Zip____________
GPAA#__________ LDMA# __________ 24#___________
If you are not already an LDMA or GPAA member you can log on to their website at goldprospectors.org or call 800-551-9707 to sign up. You must be a member of the GPAA in order to stay at Stanton for this outing. Basic memberships are available for 30.00 per year and include a subscription to the Gold Prospector Magazine.

Send a deposit of $ 200.00 or full amount Non refundable By April 30th 2009Any questions You can call NuggetBrain Wayne at 970-884-0227
or Pat Keene at 818-993-0411Send checks toPat Keene c/o NBK Outing 2009 20201 Bahama st.
Chatsworth, California, 91311 Make the Check payable to Pat Keene*Offer from 24 Karat GoldHuntersIn response to requests for a way to hunt the claims without purchasing the one year membership, we offer the following solution: . From May 9 to May 16 you may purchase a one week membership. The cost is $ 75.00  24K Mini Membership Now 24Karat GoldHunters & NuggetBrain/Keene 2009 One Week Mini-Membership Application Please print clearly
Name ___________________________________________________
Spouse Name________________________________________________
Address _________________________________________________
City __________________________________St ____Zip____________
Home Phone: _____________________ Cell Phone:_______________________
E-mail __________________________________________
Family Information: List the names and date of birth for all children under 18 years of age.
Name ______________________________________ D o B_________
Name _____________________________________ D o B_________
Name ______________________________________ D o B _________
Name _____________________________________ D o B_________ The week beginning the on the 9th-16th of May,2009 WAIVER AND RELEASE RELEASE IN FULL OF ANY AND ALL CLAIMS ..... please read carefully before signing this application For and in consideration of being a member of the 24 KARAT GOLD HUNTERS, I/we do hereby acquit and forever discharge the 24 KARAT GOLD HUNTERS, its owners, members, shareholders, directors, advisors, officers, and any other persons, firms, entities, or corporations of any and all legal actions, demands, claims, damages, costs, or loss of service resulting from any and all known and unknown personal injuries and/or property damages resulting, or to result from, from any accident that could occur on any of the claims, properties, or premises provided by the 24 KARAT GOLD HUNTERS for the benefit and use of its members and guests, owned or the property of others. I/we, the undersigned do hereby state that I/we have not been influenced to any extent whatsoever in signing this release by any representation or statement regarding said injuries or liability, or any other matters, made by the owners, members, shareholders, directors, advisors, officers, and any other persons, firms, entities, or corporations or by any other person or persons representing or acting for them. This release shall be binding on all family members,but not limited to spouses, children or other enrolled members, or non member guests of a member. This release contains the entire agreement between the parties hereto, and the terms of this release are contractual and not a mere recital. I/we further state that I/we have signed and executed the same as my/our own free act.
Name of Medical Insurance Carrier: ___________________________________________________ Covers all family members? [ ]Yes [ ] No
By my signature, I acknowledge that I wish to become a member of 24 KARAT GOLD HUNTERS and that I have read the above WAIVER AND RE-LEASE.
Applicant Signature ______________________________ Date _______________________
Spouse Signature _______________________________ Date ____________________
Received By _______________________________
Temporary Membership And Receipt Received from _____________________________________________________ on this date of ________________________, 2009  Received by ___________________________________________________________________  So sign up now limited space available !!
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