GPAA Durango Diggers/ Durango, CO 2009
6:30 PM Durango V.F.W. Hall Durango, CO. (Unless noted below)

January 14 -  Fun night, games, and show and tell .

February – No meeting

March 6 & 7 -  San Juan County Home show Magee Park Friday & Saturday .

March 11 – Meeting Louis Fogelman(The Coinshop) Speaker, 1st Quarter Drawing .

Outing March 21-  Chaparral Materials on La Plata River .

April 8 – Meeting Guest Speaker Duane Smith Colo. Mining History .

Outing April 18- Outing Metal Dector contest @ Juanita’s La Plata, NM.

May 13 – Building a beach/ clean up box Chaparral Materials Farmington, NM .

Outing May 23-  La Plata River Klein Colo. Clean up , and GPS Training by Mike & Maria Carter.

Outing June 6  –  La Plata River Klein Colorado .

June 10 – River & Power Sluice set up and use, 2nd Quarter Drawing .

Show  June 20 – Who’s Your Daddy event. Durango, CO.

Show July 3, 4& 5 Farmington Gem & Mineral Show . Civic Center, Farmington, NM.

July 8 – Meeting Dredging and Dredging Safety .

Show July 10- 12 Durango Gem & Mineral Show. Durango, CO Fairgrounds .

Outing July 25 – 26 Naturita Co. Claim!!

August 12 - Dry Washing set up and use Chaparral Materials .

Outing August 15 & 16 Naturita Co. Claim!!

September 12 - Elections of officers and Installation, Clean up equipment, 3rd Quarter Drawing.

October 14 – Basic Spanish signs and symbols by Joe Willis .

November 11 -  5th Annual Speed Panning Contest  and show and tell, at Chaparral Materials .

December 9 – 6th Annual Christmas Party pot luck dinner, and end of year drawing.

Other outings and shows to be announced.

Participation Incentives!!!
By attending Meetings, going on outings or helping at shows, You can win prizes !

1). Drawing will be held four times a year(every quarter).You can Increase your chances of winning by attending meetings.

2). Each member attending meetings will have their name put into the attendance drawings.     
3). Each day spent helping to put on membership shows will get your name into the drawing.

4). All outings attended will get your name into the drawing.

5). You must be present to win the prizes!!!!!!(((Outings are set up by the  members at the meetings.)))
6).  In  December  all  quarterly drawing names will be  put into a  year end prize drawing.

We will have monthly drawings for Door prizes, Panning contests, and many surprises!!!

Naturita Claim Usage
All members of Durango Diggers are authorized to use this claim during  club outings.
Any other time permission is required.
To be eligible to use the claim you must help at two shows during the year.

Addition Information Contact :
Clyde Smith(President) (505-334-7210)
Curt Mitchell (Vice President) (505-325-6971)
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