Types of genital infections in women

Among the pathogens of the inflammatory process of the genitals include not only pathogenic, but also conditionally pathogenic microflora. As a rule, pathogenic flora is always absent in the composition of a normal vaginal biocenosis.

In case of penetration into the vaginal microflora, it begins to multiply and causes inflammation characteristic of this variety of pathogen.

In women, genital tract infections are caused by the following types of pathogens:





Conditionally pathogenic flora, when activated, can cause inflammation. But the diseases they cause are not sexually transmitted.

Conditionally pathogenic microorganisms are natural inhabitants of the vaginal flora.

With a shift in the acid-base balance of the vaginal environment, these microorganisms contribute to the development of the inflammatory process in the genitourinary system.

The group of conditionally pathogenic flora, which provokes the development of colpitis, urethritis of a non-specific nature, bacterial vaginosis includes:



The use of Augmentin in children: indications for treatment

The described medicine is prescribed to children by a pediatrician. It is recommended that you first pass an analysis of sensitivity to microorganisms. During such a study, the resistance of the pathogenic flora to the described substance is determined. After such an analysis, the doctor can prescribe a suitable medicine with confidence..

Indications for use of the drug in a child should be as follows:



Augmentin tablets: drug reviews

In my case, Augmentin helped me with angina. http://healthyliving.azcentral.com/augmentin-for-sinus-infection-treatment-12252149.html I had all the symptoms of a sore throat: sore throat when swallowing, enlarged lymph nodes and temperature. I bought Augmentin in a pharmacy and drank it for six days. The drug helps well.

Inna Dubrova, Engels

As it turned out, an internal infection was discovered in me. I was given a very terrible diagnosis of osteomyelitis. I had a temperature of 40, vomiting, headache. I was prescribed many drugs, and everyone helped me well. But when this Augmentin was prescribed, I immediately had an allergy to it, sprinkled the whole body.

Angelica Grigorieva, Aleksin

I don’t know how my friend managed, but he drove the bone from the fish under the gum. He pulled it out, but, as it turned out, not all. Two days later, his gum swelled. I went to the dentist, they cut the gum and pulled out that small remainder of the bone. Naturally, he was prescribed a bunch of all kinds of medicines, and rinsing had to be done. The antibiotic Augmentin was also prescribed. He did everything as intended, these rinses and took Augmentin tablets, and after two days he was able to eat and talk normally. And already on the fifth day, the swelling on the gum was asleep. Augmentin is a good drug and he helped him cope with inflammation and disinfected the gum.

Maria Kabanova, Krasnodar

The drug is expensive, there is no effect. It is available on prescription, I believe that you can buy a cheaper drug for bronchitis.

Polina Kotova, Nizhnevartovsk

This was probably my first time in my life when I got so sick and nothing helped me from my cough. The pharmacist advised me to take the syrup, but he did not help me. I went to the doctor, and he prescribed the antibiotic Augmentin, said that I have bronchitis. At that moment I was already so tired of coughing that I agreed and bought these expensive pills. I can say that I did not regret a bit. They cured my bronchitis, which I suffered a little over a month. A good drug, it helped me quickly and without the side effects that were written in the instructions.

Inna Ilyina, Kurgan

My husband had to deal with Augmentin when he had been suffering from protracted bronchitis for almost two months. Everything the doctor prescribed to him did not help. And then I, sorting through the first-aid kit, remembered about Augmentin, who somehow helped me with my sore throat. I read the instructions - it also helps with bronchitis. Yes, that's just a prescription from a doctor I don’t remember where it is. Anyway, I gave the drug to my husband, he drank 10 days, one tablet in the morning and evening. Thank God, he’s recovering. Augmentin helped me with a sore throat, and my husband was cured of his prolonged bronchitis. Good remedy.

Ekaterina Krotova, Podolsk

I had a prolonged runny nose, usually I was cured in a week, but this is not the case. I went to the hospital, and it turned out to be sinusitis. The doctor prescribed the Augmentin antibiotic, told me to take one tablet ten days in the morning and in the evening, and then come to the reception. I drank three days and already noticed the result, my nose became a little easier to breathe. By the seventh day, everything was wonderful at all, I decided not to take the drug anymore, since everything had already passed. Therefore, I went to the doctor for an appointment with a completely healthy nose. The drug helped me quickly. I asked the doctor, can I write a prescription right away to buy the drug later, suddenly my ailment will arise again. Doctor refused.