Spooky bat puppet:
     -One piece of black construction paper, pencil,scissors,yellow crayon
1) Draw a bat on the black paper. Make it as wide as your hands.
2) Cut out the bat.
3) Fold the bat along the lines shown below. The center lines fold up and the outside lines and the    head fold down.
4) Cut the ears along the yellow lines shown.
5) Draw eyes on the head.
6) Hold the bat in your hand and squeeze it to make the wings move.


     1 black, cloth-covered button with a metal loop on the back, pencil , black construction paper , scissors , 8 inches of 1/8 inch wide black ribbon , clear drying glue, safety pin
1) Using the button as a pattern, trace a circle onto black construction paper. Cut out the circles lightly inside the drawn line.
2) Cut the ribbon into eight 1-inch segments to make the legs.
3) Glue the legs to the construction paper circle and allow to dry before proceeding.
4) Carefully punch a small starter hole with your scissor tip into the center of the paper circle.
5) Apply glue to the same side of the circle to which the legs are attached. Glue this circle to the back of the button, allowing the metal loop to poke through. Hold in place until glue sets.
6) Your spider can dangle from a piece of black thread tied to the metal loop. Or you can slip a piece of ribbon or a safety pin through the loop to make a bracelet or a pin.


     ruler, pencil , orange construction paper, scissors, white glue , clear glass jar at least 4 1/2 inches tall and no more than 2 3/4 inches in diameter ,votive candle, long-handled matches

The Base:
1) Use a ruler to draw an 11 by 4 inch rectangle on the construction paper. Cut out the rectangle.
2) Fold rectangle in half the long way.
3) Along the creased edge, cut free-form shapes, leaving about a 1 inch border along the open edges. Open rectangle and set aside.

The Strip:
1) Use a ruler to draw a 10 by 6 inch rectangle on the construction paper. Cut out the rectangle.
2) Along the top and bottom edges, measure in 1/2 inch as shown and mark with dots. Connect these dots with a line. These will be the fold lines.
3) Measure 1 inch segments along the top and bottom edges and mark with a pencil. Connect these marks to form 10-6 by 1 inch strips. Cut out strips.
4) Fold each strip along the top and bottom fold lines you drew in step 2 to form tabs.

To Assemble:
1) With the base rectangle lying flat, start at one end and glue the 6 by 1 inch strips one by one next to one another. The tabs are glued to the underside of the base. As you glue each strip, allow the glue to set. You will end up with 1 inch of the base without a strip. This is the base tab.
2)Bring the ends of the base together to form a ring. Glue the base tab to the underside of the base.Hold in place until the glue dries.
3) Place a votive candle in the jar. Place the jar in the jack-o'-lantern. Light the candle with a long-handled match.


     -5 pumpkins of varying sizes,1 metal fence post or old broom handle,florist picks or meat skewers,a sharp knife, spoon or scoop, pencil or marker

1) Cut the top off of each pumpkin & scoop out the insides.
2) Cut a hole in the bottom of the pumpkin the same size as the post or broomstick.
3) Draw faces on the pumpkins with a pencil or marker, then carve them with a knife.
4) Drive the metal post or broomstick into the ground.
5) Slide the largest pumpkin down the post, then the next largest, continue in this order.
6) As you line them up, you may have to trim them so that they sit level.
7) With florist picks or skewers attach ears and noses made of whatever you have on hand.


     -1 fresh apple, apple corer or potato peeler, 1 taper candle

1) Insert the apple corer into the stem end of the apple and take out the core. Make sure not to make the hole bigger than the width of the candle.
2) Insert the candle into the hole that you made in the apple.

Make A Cat Candy Cup 

You Will Need:
Styrofoam or paper cups, black paint (non-toxic),crayons,cat patterns,scissors,glue, plastic wrap,candies,ribbon or yarn
1- Cut the styrofoam or paper cups so that they are 1 and 1/2 inches tall.
2 - Paint the outsides and insides of the cups with the black paint. Letthe cups dry completely.
3- Draw the cat head and tail patterns. You will need a head and a tail for each cup. For the candy cup you will need to use the small cat head and tail.
4 - Color the heads and tails with crayons on both the fronts and the backs. Color the tail tabs, as well. Glue the head to the front of the cup and the tail to the back of the cup as shown in the picture at the top of the page. Let dry.
5 - Cut little squares of plastic wrap. Fill with candies and tie these up with a piece of ribbon or yarn. Put inside your candy cups. Enjoy!

A Variation - Use the larger cat patterns and oatmeal containers to make
candy or snack bowls.


Ghost Suckers:
Take a round-headed lollipop. Lay the head in the center of a white handkerchief (disposable tissue or cloth depending on how classy/expensive you want). Fold and gather the handkerchief down around  the stick and tie just below the head with a thread/ribbon/rubber band. Add 2 black dots for eyes. Voila - a ghost. These make good party favors.I've got a book that suggests writing the invitation around the outside of the handkerchief before assembling and mailing them in padded envelopes.

Make Rice Krispie Treats and form the treats into balls, about 1 or 2 inches across. Add a pastel M&M or other small round candy for the iris and dot the candy with frosting or gel for the pupil. A big hit at a recent 8-year old party and my 5-year old is eager to try it out.

Ghost Hand Punch:
Ahead of time, buy some new latex gloves. Wash one out and fill with water. Fasten the arm closed and freeze it. Float it in the punch before serving.

The black cat
Take two round cake layers. One you leave whole, the other is cut so there is three pieces; one bow shaped (middle) and two kind of long ovid shaped ones (either end), Take the bow shaped piece and put it on the bottom of the cake, like a bow tie.Take one of the ovid shaped pieces and cut in half the short way,so you have to triangle shaped pieces. Put on top of the round layer, like ears.Eat the third piece. Frost the whole thing with dark chocolate frosting. Pipe on eyes with green frosting, and nose & lips with red; use licorice shoe laces for wiskers.


My pupils love singing these special carols.I strongly suggest you to include one of these halloween carols in your Hallowen activities.

Trick or Treat (to the tune of "Jingle Bells")

 Dashing through the streets,                               Trick or treat, trick or treat,
Meeting goblins as we go,                                    Trick or treat we say!
Wearing contour sheets,                                      Try to get the treats before
Wishing it would snow.                                        The ghost takes us away!

 Bells in doorways ring,                                       Trick or treat, trick or treat,
Making spirits bright,                                          Trick or treat we say!
What fun it is to come and sing                            If you don't have treats for us
And get some food tonight.                                   We'll never go away!

 Humphrey the Blue-Nosed Pumpkin ( to the tune of " Rudolph , the red nosed-reindeer")

                                       You know pumpkins are orange and grow on a vine,
                                       Baked in a pie, they taste mighty fine,
                                       But have your heard,
                                       Of a pumpkin quite absurd as...?

              Humphrey the Blue-Nosed Pumpkin                    Then one foggy Hallow's Eve,
              Had a very obvious nose.                                   The Great Pumpkin did say,
              And if you ever saw it,                                       "Humphrey, with your nose so blue,
              You might even say it shows.                               You'll make all the ghosts say BOO!"

              All of the other pumpkins,                                    Then all the pumpkins loved him,
              Used to laugh and call him names.                        And they shouted out with glee,
              They never let poor Humphrey                            "Humphrey, the Blue-Nosed Pumpkin,
              Play in any pumpkin games.                                 You'll go down in history!"





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