Not complete and undergoing re-checking to fill in missing details.
I have chosen these areas as I am/have been in contact with people researching the name within them.

HO107/2000 Folio 555 Page 26 Schedule 87.  Old Road, Barlaston, Staffs
Thomas SNAPE,
Head, M, 42, Blacksmith, born Rocester, Staffs
M. SNAPE, Wife, M, 42, Blacksmith's Wife, born Uttoxeter
G. SNAPE, Step-son, Unm, 19, apprentice boatwright, born Uttoxeter

HO107/2000 Folio 557 Page 31 Schedule 107.  Boatyard, Barlaston, Staffs
James SNAPE, Head, Married, 36, boatwright, born Rocester, Staffs
H. SNAPE, Wife, M, 34, born Stone, Staffs
William SNAPE, Son, 13, Farm Labourer, born Barlaston, Staffs
R. SNAPE, Son, 10, Scholar, born Barlaston, Staffs
S. SNAPE, Daur, 8, Scholar, born Barlaston, Staffs
John SNAPE, Son, 6, Scholar, born Barlaston, Staffs
L (could be S) SNAPE, Daur, 4, Scholar, born Barlaston, Staffs
H. SNAPE, Son, 1, born Barlaston, Staffs


RG9/1914 Folio 23 Page 14 Schedule 133  -  Boatyard, Barlaston
James SNAPE, Head, Married, 45, Boat Builder, born Rocester, Staffordshire
Hannah SNAPE, Wife, 44, born Stone, Staffordshire
Rubin SNAPE, Son, 19, Boat Builder, born Barlaston
John SNAPE, Son, 16, Carter, born Barlaston
Henry SNAPE, Son, 11, Scholar, born Barlaston
Israel SNAPE, Son, 9, Scholar, born Barlaston
Martha SNAPE, Daur, 5, born Barlaston
Elizabeth SNAPE, Daur, 3, born Barlaston


RG10/2827 Folio 6 Page 5 Schedule 24 - Boat Yard, Barlaston
James SNAPE, Head, M, 55, Boat Builder, born Rodbaston or Rocester
Henry SNAPE, Son, S, 21, born Barlaston
John SNAPE, Son, S, 20, born Barlaston
Israel SNAPE, Son, S, 18, born Barlaston
Elizabeth SNAPE, daughter, 13, born Barlaston
Jane SNAPE, daughter, 9, born Barlaston

RG10/2827 Folio 18 Page 29 Schedule 155 - Parkfields, Barlaston

James SNAPE, Head, M, 30, Labourer, born Leigh
Elizabeth SNAPE, Wife, M, 28, born Sandon
Sarah SNAPE, daughter, S, 11, born Shallowford
Jane SNAPE, daughter, S, 7, born Barlaston
Emily SNAPE, daughter, S, 6, born Barlaston
Eliza SNAPE, daughter, S, 3, born Barlaston
James SNAPE, son, S, 1, born Barlaston
William SNAPE, son, S, 2months, born Barlaston

Glayley Fields, Barlaston

Mary Ann SNAPE, S, 20, Servant, born Whitgreave

STONE 1851

HO107/2000 Folio 305 Page 11 Schedule 38  -  Aston by Stone

William SNAPE, Head, Married, 36, Farm Labourer, born Sandon
Sarah SNAPE, Wife, M, 36, born Stone

HO107/2000 Folio 61 Page 4 Schedule 17  -  Walton, Stone

James SNAPE, Head, Married, 42, Cordwainer, born Stone, Staffs
Mary SNAPE, Wife, M, 40, Cordwainer's wife, born Stone, Staffs
Mary SNAPE, Daur, Unm, 18? born Stone, Staffs

HO107/2000 Folio 86 Page 20 Schedule 78  -  Abbey Court, Stone

Moses SNAPE, Head, Married, 28, Cordwainer, born Stone, Staffs
Mary Ann SNAPE, Wife, M, 25, Seamstress, born Stone, Staffs

HO107/2000 Folio 145 Page 23 Schedule 85  -  Chapel Street, Ston
William SNAPE, Head, Married, 78, Cordwainer, born Stone, Staffs
Ann SNAPE, Wife, M, 70, born Stone, Staffs
Benjamin BROUGH, Lodger, Unm, 18, Cordwainer, born Stone, Staffs

HO107/2000 Folio 165 Page 25 Schedule 87  -  Field Place Road, Stone

Lodging with AXON family
Henry SNAPE, Apprentice, Unm, 14, Corwainers Apprentice, born Stone, Staffs

HO107/2000 Folio 174 Page 43 Schedule 142  -  Newcastle Street, Stone

Ann SNAPE, Head, Widow, 89, House Servant, born Ellaston, Derbyshire
Joseph WARRILOW, GSon, Unm, 30, Cordwainer, born Stone, Staffs
Ann WARRILOW, GDaur, Unm, 22, Frocker, born Sandon, Staffs
Ellen WARRILOW, GDaur, 3, Scholar, born Stone, Staffs
Susan WARRILOW, GDaur, 6m, born Stone, Staffs
Robert SNAPE, Son, Unm, 52, Ag Lab, born (unreadable) Staffs
John SNAPE, Son?, Unm, 15, Cordwainer, born Sandon, Staffs
Edward LUCY, Lodger, Unm, 50, Turner, born London, Middlesex

HO107/1999 Folio 234 Page 1 Schedule 2  -  Cotwalton, Stone

Thomas SNAPE, Head, 33, farm labourer, born Stone
Elizabeth SNAPE, wife, 34, born Stone
James SNAPE, son, 10, born Stone
William SNAPE, son, 8, born Stone
Mary SNAPE, daughter, 5, born Stone
Edward SNAPE, son, 1, born Stone
Jane RAWLINS, mother-in-law, 78, born Stone
(Rawlins family also living next door)

STONE 1861

RG9/1910 Folio ? Page 1 Schedule 1  -  Cotwalton, Stone

Thomas SNAPE, Head, 43, Ag Lab, born Sandon
Elizabeth SNAPE, Wife, 42, born Stone
Thomas SNAPE, son, 9, born Stone
Jane SNAPE, daughter, 7, born Stone
Samuel SNAPE, son, 5, born Stone
Sarah SNAPE, daughter, 2, born Stone
Henry SNAPE, son, 8months, born Stone

RG9/1910 Folio 21? Page 35 Schedule 154  -  Station Road, Stone

Stephen SNAPE, Head, 37, Carter, born Stone?
Jane SNAPE, Wife, 28, born Newport Salop?
James SNAPE, Son, 10, Errand Boy, born Staffordshire
Stephen SNAPE, Son, 8?, born Newport Salop
Sarah Ann SNAPE, Daur, 5, born Stone
William SNAPE, Son, 2, born Stone

RG9/1910 Folio ? Page 26 Schedule 129 -  Chapel Street, Stone

William SNAPE, Head, 80??, cordwainer, born Sandon
Ann SNAPE, Wife, 80, born Stafford
William SNAPE, Son, Unm, 52, Cordwainer, born Stafford

RG9/1910 Folio 6 Page 5 Schedule 19  -  Newcastle Street, Stone

William SNAPE, Head, 26, Labourer, Stone
Ann SNAPE, Wife, 27, occupation illegible, born Stone
Alfred J SNAPE, Son, 4, Scholar, born Stone
John W? SNAPE, Son, 3, Scholar, born Stone
William H SNAPE, Son, 1, born Stone
Samuel B SNAPE, Son, 3months, born Stone

RG9/1910 Folio? Page 2 Schedule 11  -  Longton Road, Stone

Charles WARRILOW?, Head, 29, Occupation illegible, born Stone
Mary WARRILOW?, Wife, 30, Dressmaker, born Stone
William SNAPE, Stepbrother?, 17, Unm, Shoemakers Apprentice, born Cotwalton
Thomas PORTER, Brother-in-law, 13, Shoemakers Apprentice, born Stone
Harry PRICE, Nephew, 9months, born Stone

STONE 1871

Cotwalton, Stone

Thomas SNAPE, Head, M, 53, Ag Lab, born Stone
Jane SNAPE, daughter, S, 17, born Stone
Sarah SNAPE, daughter, S, 12, born Stone
Hannah STEIN (?), annuitant, Unm, 75, born Unknown

Mary A SNAPE, 26, Unm, Servant
Samuel SNAPE, 14, Unm, Farm Servant

LEIGH 1861

RG9/1955 Folio 92 Page 12 Schedule 53  - Leigh

Matthew SNAPE, Head, 57, Ag Lab, born Alton
Elizabeth SNAPE, Wife, 65, born Draycott


HO107/994 Page 9  -  Garshall Green, Milwich

William SNAPE, 40, Ag Lab, born in Staffordshire
Mary SNAPE, 45, born in Staffordshire
Ellen SNAPE, 3, born in Staffordshire
Frank HODSON, 12, born in Staffordshire


HO 107/2000 Folio 13 Page 17 Schedule 70  -  Garshall Green, Milwich

William SNAPE, Head, 49, Nailer, born Stone
Elizabeth SNAPE, wife, 39, born Stone
Samuel SNAPE, son, 17, nailer, born Stone
William SNAPE, son, 14, nailer, born Stone
Elizabeth SNAPE, daughter, 2, born Milwich
John SNAPE, son, 2months, born Milwich


HO107/995 Page 5  -  Wood Farm

George SNAPE, 25, Male Servant born in Staffordshire working for William LEESE, farmer (other servants include PODMORE, MORRIS, GILBERT & BAILEY)


RG9/1911 Folio 137 Page 11 Schedule 51  -  Sandon

James SNAPE, Head, M, 66, Gardener, born Eccleshall
Susan SNAPE, Wife, M, 65, Gate Keeper, born Stone

RG9/1911  -  Holly Wood, Sandon

John ADAMS, Head, 27, Ag Lab, born Gayton
Elizabeth ADAMS, Wife, 31, born Leigh
William ADAMS, son, 1, born Sandon
John SNAPE, nephew, 8? born Leigh

BRADLEY 1851 - (No entries in 1861

HO 107/1999 Folio 561 Page 1 Schedule 5  -  Bradley

William SNAPE, Lodger, Unm, 74, Pauper Ag Lab, born Bradley

WESTON 1851 - (No entries in 1861

Folio 757 Page 21 Schedule 62  -  Salt Bridge, Weston

James SNAPE, H, M, 72, Farm Labourer, born Sandon
Jane SNAPE, wife, 70, labourers wife, born Fulford
Henry SNAPE, grandson, 21, farm labourer, born Sandon


HO106/1999 Folio Page 18 Schedule 61  -  Doxey, Stafford

Ralph WATSON, Head, Widow, 77, retired weaver, born Seighford
George SNAPE, son in law, 41, Ag Lab, born Aston By Stone
Ann SNAPE, wife, 40, born Seighford
Jane SNAPE, daughter, 7, born Seighford
Maria SNAPE, daughter, 4, born Seighford
Charles, son, 1, born Seighford

HO107/1999 Folio 351 Page 19 Schedule 67  -  7 Cottage Street, Stafford

John SNAPE, Head, 52, Shoemaker, born Stafford
Ann SNAPE, wife, 48, born Stafford
Maria SNAPE, daughter, 21, shoemaker, born Stafford
Mary SNAPE, daughter, 16, shoemaker, born Stafford
Thomas SNAPE, son, 12, born Stafford
Edward SNAPE, son, 6, born Stafford

Union Workhouse, Stafford

Joseph SNAPE, Inmate, 58, born Stafford (blind)
Martha SNAPE, Inmate, 62 born Wolverhampton

HO107.1999 Folio 495 Page 42 Schedule 194  -  Littleworth, Castlechurch, Stafford

Stephen SNAPE, Head, Married, 41, Cordwainer, born Stafford
Ann SNAPE, Wife, M, 30, born ?(illegible) Derbyshire


RG9/1905 Folio 39 Page 1 Schedule 2.  Doxey, Stafford

George SNAPE, Head, Married, 51, Ag Lab, born Aston by Stone, Staffordshire
Ann SNAPE, Wife, Married, 50, Seighford, Stafford
Jane SNAPE, Daur, Unm, 18, Seighford, Stafford
Charles SNAPE, Son, 11, Scholar, Seighford, Stafford
Mary SNAPE, Daur, 7, Scholar, Seighford, Stafford

RG9/1906 Folio 17 Page 24 Schedule 123Copes Buildings, Back Walls South, Stafford

George SNAPE, Head, 27, Labourer on railway, Bridgeford, Staffordshire
Harriett SNAPE, Wife, Married, 26, Hyde Lea, Staffordshire
George William SNAPE, Son, 9months, Stafford, Staffordshire


53 Tenterbanks, Stafford

Charles SNAPE, Head, 41, Railway Labourer, born Seighford
Mary Ann SNAPE, wife 42, born Stafford
Mary E SNAPE, daughter, 11, born Seighford
Alice SNAPE, daughter, 9, born Stafford


HO107/1999 Folio 405 Page 5 Schedule 17  -  Whitgreave Village

Edward SNAPE, Head, 34, Ag Lab, born Whitgreave
Mary SNAPE, wife, 35, born Aston by Stone
Elizabeth SNAPE, daughter, 7, born Whitgreave
James SNAPE, son, 5, born Whitgreave
Edward SNAPE, son, 3, born Whitgreave
William SNAPE, son, 1, born Whitgreave

HO107/1999 Folio 405 Page 5 Schedule 18 -  Whitgreave Village

Daniel SNAPE, Head, 42, Ag Lab, born Aston by Stone
Martha SNAPE, wife, 38, Ag lab wife, born Knightley
Anne SNAPE, daughter, 10, born Whitgreave
Thomas SNAPE, son, 6, born Whitgreave
Jane SNAPE, daughter, 4, born Whitgreave
Elizabeth DIKE, mother-in-law, 68, Ag Lab wife, born Knightley

HO107/1999 Folio 407 Page 8 Schedule 26  -  Elmerson Farm, Whitgreave

BLOOR family
Samuel SNAPE, Servant, 10, Ag Lab, born Whitgreav

HO107/1999 Folio 404 Page 8 Schedule 9  -  Whitgreave Village

HART family
George SNAPE, Servant, 13, Ag Lab, born Whitgreave


RG9/1905 Folio 58 Page 1 Schedule 6.  Whitgreave Village, Stafford

Daniel SNAPE, Head, Married, 53, Ag Lab, Whitgreave, Stafford
Martha SNAPE, Wife, Married, 46, Gnosall, Stafford
William SNAPE, Son, Unm, 26, Ag Lab, Whitgreave, Stafford
Fanny SNAPE, Daur, Scholar, Whitgreave, Stafford
Harriet SNAPE, Daur, Scholar, Whitgreave, Stafford

RG9/1905 Folio 59 Page 4 Schedule 24.  Whitgreave Village, Stafford

Edward SNAPE, Head, Married, 43, Ag Lab, Whitgreave, Stafford
Mary SNAPE, Wife, Married, 45, Aston, Stafford
William SNAPE, Son, 11, Whitgreave, Stafford
Aaron SNAPE, Son, 8, Whitgreave, Stafford
Mary J SNAPE, Daur, 4, Whitgreave, Stafford
Harriet F SNAPE, Daur, 3, Whitgreave, Stafford


HO107/2016 Folio 143 Page 18 - Coppenhall, Penkridge

William SNAPE, Head, Married, 46, Farm Labourer, born Stone, Staffs
Mary SNAPE, Wife, 39, born Stafford
Samuel SNAPE, Son, 11, born Stafford
James SNAPE, Son, 2, born Stafford
Jane SNAPE, Daur, 7, born Stafford
Elizabeth SNAPE, Daur, 5, born Stafford
Mary SNAPE, Daur, 4m, born Stafford


HO107/2018 Folio 219 Page 25 Schedule 101 - Dudley Road, Wolverhampton

William SNAPE, Head, Widower, 25, Miner, born Sandon
William SNAPE, Son, 4, born Sandon
Sarah SNAPE, Daur, 2, born Wednesfield
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