Permanent position CRN/ISFP at INRIA Nancy Grand Est - location Strasbourg


Permanent position in computational modeling of
neurostimulation in mental disorders


The new research team NECTARINE at INRIA in Strasbourg / France aims to create
a synergy between clinicians and scientists to develop new healthcare technologies.
The team researchers collaborate closely with clinicians and choose their research
focus along the clinical applications.
Major scientific objectives are the development of advanced online- and offline simulations
of neural activity on the macroscopic scale involving new numerical techniques for real-time
computation and data-driven simulation dedicated to patient-specific modelling.
The specific focus of the team's research is general anaesthesia, description of consciousness

and attention and neurostimulation of patients suffering from mental disorders.

The team offers the possibility to apply for a permanent position as Chargé de Recherche
(CR) or Directeur de Recherche (DR) in the research field of computational neuroscience
with a strong focus on linking brain network modelling with experimental data. The new
colleague should have a strong expertise in neurostimulation and/or modelling of experimental
data observed in mental disorders. Strong programming and mathematical skills are mandatory.      

INRIA is a French National Institute for Research in Digital Science and Technology
( with 9 research centres in France. The new team will be located
in the centre of Strasbourg on the hospital campus as part of the Research Centre Nancy
Grand Est. The application deadline will be mid of February 2024, but it is recommended
to contact us (by email: [email protected]) in advance.

For more details or sending your application documents (CV including publication list),
please contact Dr. Axel Hutt (email: [email protected]) .