Axel Hutt

Directeur de Recherche

Project team MIMESIS

INRIA Grand Est

1, place de l’Hôpital

67000 Strasbourg 


email: [email protected]

ORCID: 0000-0003-0041-7431



Axel Hutt

Research interest:

- data assimilation and forecasting in complex systems

- nonlinear stochastic processes in complex delayed systems,

- modeling and spectral analysis of non-stationary multivariate data

- Applications :

-- general anaesthesia 

-- electromagnetic stimulation (TMS/TES)

Brief CV


Editorial activity:

Associate Editor Journal of Clinical Medicine

Chief Section Editor Frontiers In Applied Mathematics and Statistics, section Dynamical Systems 

Research Topics


General anaesthesia: from theory to experiment



Stability: A Current Overview



Data Assimilation and Control: Theory and Applications in Life Sciences   



Data Assimilation of Nonlocal Observations in Complex Systems



Recurrence Analysis of Complex Systems Dynamics



Machine Learning in Natural Complex Systems



Modelling collective motion across scales



Edited books:              




- Frontiers Research Topic on Machine Learning in Natural Complex Systems

- Book Synergetics, edited by A.Hutt and H. Haken

- S. Rich et al, Neurostimulation stabilizes spiking neural networks by disrupting seizure-like oscillatory transitions published in  Scientific Reports

- project A/D Drugs 


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Assimilating visible and thermal radiances in idealized simulations of deep convection
Monthly Weather Review 1-15 (2020). doi: 10.1175/MWR-D-20-0002.1 


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Phase coherence induced by additive Gaussian and non-Gaussian noise in excitable networks with application to burst suppression-like brain signals,
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Axel Hutt* , C Schraff, H Anlauf, L BachM BaldaufE BauernschubertA CressR FaulwetterF FundelC Köpken-WattsH ReichA Schomburg, J Schröttle, K StephanO StillerM Weissmann and R Potthast, 
Assimilation of SEVIRI water vapour channels with an ensemble Kalman filter on the convective scale
Frontiers in Earth Science 8:70 (2020)





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Entwickle die Idee eines eigenen Weges und lass Dich nicht beirren
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A review of the use of geostationary satellite observations in regional-scale models for short-term cloud forecasting
Meteorologische Zeitschrift 27(4): 277 - 298 (2018) 

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Reports, Proceedings and Preprints



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