Diday, Mila, Aida, Flora, Melchor, Milan, Dodong
Diday, Mila, Aida, Flora,
Melchor, Milan, Dodong

Milton's and Lelang's Album

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Reunion 1990





Reunion, 1990. Left to Right. Seated: Angela and Milton; Standing: Diday, Melchor, Aida, Milan, Dodong, Dading, Mila

The Family in Darwin, December 1999. Left to Right, seated: Luke Drennan, Kaitlin Drennan, Milton, Angela, Bing Ramilo. Standing: Florence Drennan, Flora Garcia, Hubert Ott, Mila Ott, Frances Garcia, Eric Garcia, Diday Ramilo, Bong Ramilo.

Diday, Aida, Dading, Mila

Diday, Aida, Dading, Mila (1990)

Flora, Angela, Milton, Diday, Mila (December 1999).

Milton and Angela Fernan and the Brood, at Mila's house, Darwin, January 1, 1999.


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