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Last Updated:
5 January 2008


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Maximo Fernan
Simon Fernan
Emerenciana Fernan-Senining
Amboy Fernan
Milton Fernan
Demetrio Fernan
Monica Fernan-Igcasenza
Marcelo Fernan
Toribio Fernan
Bernabela Fernan

The site contains information on family history, the family tree (from Maximo and Trinidad Fernan), recipes, photos of family gatherings, contact addresses, and links to other Fernan family-related web sites.

From time to time, we may publish news about family affairs and undertakings of family members. Send us news for posting here.

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Upgrade delay

Apologies for the delay in upgrading this website. Plans for upgrding have not been abandoned; a significant amount of time will however need to be allocated for the job. Thanks for your patience and the site will, hopefully, be revamped in 2004.

Plans to upgrade

We are planning to upgrade this site to allow interactive submission of news and other items. Family members will be able to subscribe to the site and can submit articles directly, with little or no moderation from the site administrators. We hope to upgrade the site in the next quarter.

Please let us know what you want to see on this site, including changes to the look and feel, site navigation, other facilities, etc. and we will try to integrate all suggestions in the upgrade of the site.

We may also move to a new web address, hopefully, depending on availability of the name.

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Family News

The site now features a Family News section, where family events (births, weddings, deaths, etc.) can be posted. Please send information for this section to Diday Fernan-Ramilo or post a message to [email protected].

Some Items

Congratulations: Michael " Mikey " Taasan

Michael " Mikey " Taasan is state-ranked junior tennis player.

Anniversary: Don Simon Lepiten Fernan

October 28 is the birthday of the late Don Simon Lepiten Fernan. He was an outstanding boy scout and a great teacher and leader.

Sad News: Miami Fernan Senining

Miami Fernan Seneneng died Thursday, September 20, 2001.

Welcome: Andres Fernan Ramilo II

Diday and Bong Ramilo's son, Andres, was born on August 2, 2001, in Darwin. See photo here.

Sad News: Katrina Senining

Katrina Senining passed away on July 14, 2001.

Welcome: Matthew Angelo Camus

Mayette and Raffy Camus's baby boy, Matthew Angelo, was born July 7, 2001, in Manila.

Winner: Jamie Fernan

Jamie Fernan won first place in the Tulsa Area Gymnastics' State Meet held last May 19, 2001 in Bartlesville, Oklahoma. See her photos here.

Sad news: Dr. Maximo C. Fernan

After a prolonged illness, Dr. Maximo C. Fernan passed away on March 1, 2001 in Cebu City.

Sad News: Paz Manubag-Fernan

Tia Paz passed away at 1:00 a.m., Wednesday, Jan. 10, 2001(Cebu time).

Bridge in Cebu named after Noy Celing

This bridge linking Mandaue City and Lapu-lapu City in Cebu, Philippines, was recently named Marcelo B. Fernan Bridge in honour of Noy Celing Fernan, former Chief Justice and Senate President of the Philippines.

Photo courtesy of Marcelo Fernan, Jr.

The Fernan Family Site

Over the years, Fernans have migrated continously to all parts of the Philippines and the World. This site was created to keep up with relatives wherever they are and to assist in tracing our family heritage. This is an evolving site, by no means complete. It is dependent on the contribution of Fernan family members everywhere. If information on your branch of the family is lacking or missing, please send stories, images, and any other bits that you want included here. Suggestions for improving the site are also most welcome. To include your stories and other information in this site, Email Diday Fernan-Ramilo.

Shortcut to this web site:

We now have a shortcut to this web site: This shortcut, or alternative web address, can be used instead of The old address will still work, however.

The Family Hall of Fame

The website has an area called The Fernan Hall of Fame. Family members who have distinguised themselves and brought honor to the family will be featured here.

Dr. Max Fernan is now in the Hall of Fame along with Lapu-Lapu and Senator Marcelo Fernan.

Lapu-Lapu: our ancestor?

Simon & Alejandra Fernan, with their children

The Brothers Fernan:
Milton, Bences, Amboy


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