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Family photos from archives, recent holidays, and family gatherings.


Fernan Family Reunion, 1994 (Photo courtesy of Arnold Sancover)


Senate President Marcelo Fernan accompanied by his uncle, Milton Fernan. At the residence of Senate President and Mrs Fernan, Cebu City, January 1998.

Tia Paz Fernan and Baby Paz Fernan-Shepherd, with Diday Fernan-Ramilo and Bong Ramilo. At the residence of Mayette and Raffy Camus, Quezon City, 1997.

Engineer Romy del Rosario, Day Nena Fernan-del Rosario, Mayette del Rosario-Camus, Milton Fernan, and Diday Fernan-Ramilo. At the del Rosario residence, Pasig City, January 1998.


Wedding of Onnie and Benjie Borres, with clan members, Philippines, October 1998.


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