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This page is dedicated to the Fernans who have distinguished themselves and brought honor to the family.The information will be based on personal comments, stories and incidents from relatives and friends. Feel free to make necessary corrections and nominate additions to this Hall of Fame.

(16th Century)

(There are unconfirmed accounts that we are descended from him)

The first Filipino who repelled European aggression.

Senator Marcelo Briones Fernan

(25 October 1927 - 11 July 1999)

The first Filipino to have headed top positions in two government branches, as Senate President and Supreme Court Chief Justice.

Dr. Maximo C. Fernan receiving the Dr. Quitin J. Gomez Award in Anesthesiology in 1991.

Dr. Maximo C. Fernan was a recipient of the Dr. Quitin J. Gomez Award in Anesthesiology in 1991. The Dr. Quitin Gomez award is the highest and most prestigious award for any anesthesiologist in the Philippines.

Dr.Max Fernan was responsible for organizing the anesthesia training program of Southern Islands Hospital in 1961. He was one of the organizers of the PSA Cebu Chapter in 1968. His main achievement is his steady efforts in training generations of anesthesiologists now practicing in the Visayas and Mindanao.



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