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Who says you have to spend a lot on a camera to take great pictures? Certainly not Minolta. In fact, Minolta’s surprisingly affordable AF35 Big Finder takes beautiful pictures, as easily as point and shoot!

That’s because the AF35 Big Finder features a quality Minolta lens, precise autofocusing, and an extra-large viewfinder for a bigger, better view of your subject. And the AF35 Big Finder is so easy to use, you’ll not only take great pictures -- you’ll have loads of fun doing it!


Affordable and Conveniet
The easy-to-use Minolta AF35 Big Finder offers quality performance at a price that is affordable to a wide range of consumers. This combination of performance and affordability makes the AF35 Big Finder ideal for gift giving, first camera purchases, traveling, and bringing just about anywhere. The AF35 Big Finder’s simplicity, compact size, and basic operation also make it a great introduction for children to the exciting world of photography.

Extra-Large Viewfinder with Bright Frame
When you look through the Minolta AF35 Big Finder, you’ll immediately see something you won’t see with other compact cameras in the same class – a bigger, better view of your subject and scene. That’s because the AF35 Big Finder features an extra-large viewfinder with 0.63X magnification, which makes it a pleasure to use even if you wear glasses or have vision-related problems. The extra-large viewfinder and bright image frame make it much easier to follow the action when composing your shot.

Slim, Compact Body
Since memorable photo opportunities can happen any time and any place, the only way to be ready is to keep a camera on hand. The slim and compact AF35 Big Finder is easy to carry wherever you go. This stylish camera is about 30% smaller than Minolta’s previous model, and it is also one of the lightest cameras in its class.

Easy Operation
The AF35 Big Finder is very easy to use, even for a beginner. Precise autofocusing, automatic flash, red-eye reduction, and automatic film advance make taking great-looking 35mm photos as much fun as being in them. There are no settings to make or confusing buttons to figure out, so you’re free to concentrate completely on your subject and scene.

27mm Lens
The AF35 Big Finder’s 27mm autofocusing lens is ideal for all-around, general photography and provides sharp images with true color rendition. The 27mm focal length gives a wider angle of view, which fits more of the subject and scene into the picture.

Precise Autofocusing with Focus Lock
The precise infrared autofocusing system keeps the main subject sharp from as close as 2.6 feet to infinity. In addition, pressing and holding the shutter-release button partway down locks the focus so that the subject can be creatively positioned anywhere in the image frame.

Built-In Automatic Flash
With the Minolta AF35 Big Finder, there’s no need to worry about when to use the flash. Whenever the light is low, the built-in flash fires automatically to provide additional subject illumination.

Red-Eye Reduction
One annoying problem common in portraits taken with flash is the red-eye effect, caused by the flash reflecting off the subject’s retinas. To help prevent this, the AF35 Big Finder features a red-eye reduction lamp that glows to close down the subject’s pupils just before the flash is fired.

Automatic Film Operation
Film operation is very simple. Just open the camera back, insert the film cartridge and position the film leader, then close the camera back. Press the shutter-release button three times to advance the film to the first frame. The camera automatically sets the DX-coded film speed (for ISO 100/200, or 400), and will automatically advance the film to the next frame after each shot. When the roll is finished, power rewind can be activated by sliding the rewind switch. Power rewind can also be activated at any time during the roll.


35mm lens-shutter camera with built-in flash

27mm, f/6.3; 3 elements, 3 groups

Focusing Range:
2.6 feet to infinity

Active infrared type; activated by pressing the shutter-release button partway down; focus lock available


Metering Cell:

Metering Control:
Determines need for flash

Shutter Speed:
1/100 sec.

Film Type:
35mm film cartridge

ISO Range:
ISO 100/200 or 400; DX-coded film ISO 400 or higher set to ISO 400; DX-coded film lower than ISO 400 set to ISO 100. Non-DX-coded film set to ISO 100.

Film Transport:
Automatic motorized film transport; film advanced to first frame by pressing shutter-release button three times; auto advance to the next frame after each shot; power rewind activated by sliding rewind switch

Frame Counter:

Albada type with bright frame; 0.63x magnification; 83% field-of-view (for subject at 9.8 ft.); -1 diopter (for subject at 9.8 ft.)

Built-in, fixed type

Flash Mode:
Autoflash with red-eye reduction

Flash Range:
(at ISO 100): 2.6 – 8.2 ft.; (at ISO 400): 2.6 – 16.4 ft.

Recycling Time:
Approx. 6 seconds with fresh batteries

Two AA-size 1.5V Alkaline or carbon-zinc (Ni-Cd or lithium are not usable)

Battery Performance:
Approx. 30 rolls using 24-exposure film with flash on 50% of exposures

4.3 x 2.7 x 1.5 inches

5.29 ounces

Specifications are based on the latest information available at the time of posting and are subject to change without notice.

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