Welcome to the CELLAR Welcome, Here I have webtv friendly gif. & jpg. images. Computer goodies like wallpaper & cursors. Facts on Halloween, Jersey Devil & Ed Gein. Oh yes, not to mention the EVIL DEAD! Groovy!!

Within the Woods
This is Sam Raimis' first horror movie also starring Bruce Campbell. This movie led to the creation of the "Evil Dead" trilogy.
The Evil Dead
Ultimate horror classic! Camera movement with a nightmarish fluidity. The exhilaration makes you put your hands over your eyes or leap up and cheer.
E.D.2. Dead by Dawn
Cheerfully, demented horror film. It will make you hide under the covers or laugh until you drop. It's a total ballet of dismemberment.
Army of Darkness
Ash goes back in time surrounded by evil, low on gas. The last (hopefully not) in the "Evil Dead" series. There are wonderful special effects pre-computer graphics.
Evil Dead Audio
Here are some audio files in mp3 formate of Evil Dead, Evil Dead 2 Dead by dawn & Army of Darkness.
Bruce Campbell
This is a filmograghy of the B movie GOD himself, "the Man", BRUCE CAMPBELL! Hail to the King, baby.
Evil Dead Cursors
These are some cursors I made only because I couldn't find any on the web. (don't laugh at them)
Evil Dead Wallpaper
The wallpaper on this site I found searching the web. Artist or were there from are printed on the bottom of the picture.
Horror Gifs & Backgrounds
Here is some horror clip art I gathered on the web. They're only here because I had a cool gif site that was shut down; it was called "Thy Evil Lair of Gifs".
People ask me alot about how halloween started, so I put up the facts so all will know. So stop asking me.
Ed Gein
The killer of Plainfield. The disturbing murders done by Ed Gein inspired movies like: "House of a 1000 Corpses" & "The Texas Chainsaw Massacre".
The Jersey Devil
A local legend of N.J. for over 300 years. It has the head of a horse, bat wings & a tail like a serpent. If you're from N.J. you probably heard of or even seen the Jersey Devil.
Salem Witch Trials
A dark time in Salem, MA. where some young girls started accusing women in the community of witch craft. Accused were usually hung with almost little evidence or facts.
Walpurgis Eve.
A holiday, similar to that of halloween, mostly celebrated in Germany & Finland. Usually with drinking around large bonfires all night.
Play Eye Blaster
A javascript game I picked up that's kind of fun but with no point, but for some reason I can't stop playing it.
Links in the Cellar
Links of "Evil Dead" related sites. There are other horror, weird & even humorous sites as well.

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