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Data Recovery

Data recovery is the salvaging of data originally stored on media such as magnetic disks and tapes and which has become corrupt or inaccessible.Data is stored on media like hard disks, RAID configurations of hard disks, magnetic disks, tapes, CDs, DVDs, floppy disks and other storage media. Data gets damaged or missing in a variety of ways from virus attacks to improper storage of the media to accidents like floods. It could also have simply just been erased. Very often a large percentage of this data can be recovered using a variety of techniques. Recovering or salvaging the data from such media can sometimes be performed using simple hardware or software but may occasionally require the assistance of data recovery specialists.

Prinnets has the experience in Data Recovery. We specialize in recovering data From :

  • All Media
  • All Case
  • All Operating System

We recover data From :

  • Etc.
  • We recover data from all problem of data loss, including:
    • Mechanical Failures
    • Deleted Files
    • Reformatting/Fdisked
    • No System/ Error
    • Corrupt Partitions
    • Bad Sector Area
    • Power Surges
    • Software Malfunction
    • Hardware Malfunction
    • Human Error
    • Virus Attack
    • Multiple drive failure
    • Volume Corruption
    • etc.

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