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the_chief - 12/15/00 08:24:53
My Email:[email protected]
Unladen flight speed of a swallow: 40kph
African or European?: aaaaaaahhhhhh
hi, you've got quite alot of nice ideas for ships her. i found your link in the gladiators forum and well, i think i'll model some of your ships sooner or later (if i'm allowed to). keep the good work !

Britton - 09/16/00 05:58:13
My URL:http://sb254.com/aff
My Email:[email protected]
Favorite Movie: Wrath of Khan, Final Frontier, First Contact
Unladen flight speed of a swallow: Is that an African swallow?
African or European?: heh, European. Monty Python is great!
Swell site! Please check out my Star Trek online Role Playing pages at http://sb254.com/aff Thanks! Stay cool.

Ub3rG33k - 07/01/00 08:16:22
My URL:http://www.geocities.com/ub3rg33k
My Email:[email protected]
Favorite Movie: Titan A.E.
Unladen flight speed of a swallow: Alone or in pairs?
African or European?: With ot withOUT the JATO pod crammed up it's rear nacell? <8-)P
Excellent site! (Good luck with TW - I hope you can have her stuffed and used as a toilet plunger, like I'd like to do to *mine*...) I'll be back... this place is too much fun NOT to spend an hour on exploring all the lil cracks and crevases... And I think I may have to send you a few of my designs... Display them, hoarde them, print them and use them as TP (use recycled paper and print the images double sided, and use 2 sheets at at time for that more-comfy-two-ply-effect... hehehe), what-ever ou like... (If I *do* send you stuff, would you want me to classify them using your system, or just "leave that blank" and let you make up what-ever you think feels right? *Shrug* Hehehehe) Anyway, KUTGW... <8-)P PPPLLLBBbbbbbb.... An Admirer, Michael, aka �berGeek "With a twist!"

Audrey - 05/21/00 22:59:58
Favorite Movie: Six Sense
Unladen flight speed of a swallow: huh?
African or European?: what?
i'm not to sure on your questions but i know that you have pretty pictures on your site! lol anyway, looks neat

bob fried - 03/25/00 23:22:21
My Email:[email protected]
Favorite Movie: the matrix;the entire alien series
Unladen flight speed of a swallow: 60+?
African or European?: either?
african swallow?i need to quit drinking.

Rick VD - 03/23/00 00:59:18
My Email:[email protected]
Favorite Movie: YOUR"S
Unladen flight speed of a swallow: down hard
African or European?: american outlaw
Hello Chopper

Josh - 02/28/00 22:03:24
My Email:[email protected]
Favorite Movie: Star Trek (First Contact)
Unladen flight speed of a swallow: Miles or kiliometers?
African or European?: It all depends
I really also liked Monty Python and the holy grail. "It is just a bunny rabbit".AHHHHHHH!!!!! STAR TREK RULES!!!!!!!!!

Jeff Raven - 01/30/00 21:57:53
My URL:http://tatooine.fortunecity.com/thx1138/382/
My Email:[email protected]
Favorite Movie: Braveheart
Unladen flight speed of a swallow: Not fast enough
African or European?: Yes.
Very cool site. Especially enjoyed the ships that Starfleet never built...hehehe

Lucas Wallencheck - 12/24/99 04:58:56
My URL:http://www.outpost10f.com
My Email:[email protected]
Favorite Movie: ST: First Contact
Unladen flight speed of a swallow: 12 cm's per nano second
African or European?: It's a mutated combo
Hi! I loved your page so i want to invinte you one to I thin that you will love as well!

My name is Lieutenant Lucas Wallencheck of the Outpost 10 Forward department of communications. Are you interested in going to a Star Trek chat where there are ALWAYS kind, friendly people to talk to without worrying about being discriminated? We have S curity personel who phaser trouble makers that do not abide by our Prime Directives. Are you interested in climbing the ranks of starfleet? Are you interested in learning some skills? Well why not come to.... Outpos Ten Forward�.. It�ll be the best decision you ever made.

Jim/Nuts - 10/04/99 19:34:18
My Email:[email protected]
Favorite Movie: The Matrix
Unladen flight speed of a swallow: To drunk to remember
African or European?: African?
Cool site! I used to draw up spaceships when I was in High School. I was thinking that I was never going to get to this site. I used ICQ to locate under user's details. Quite handy. Take care and I enjoyed your site now that I know how to find it!

Peter Lucas - 09/11/99 12:59:02
My Email:[email protected]
Favorite Movie: starwars episode 1
African or European?: European
really cool

crimson - 08/25/99 03:18:51
My URL:http://members.3lefties.com/sjmiller
My Email:[email protected]
Favorite Movie: hackers?
Unladen flight speed of a swallow: crack? what?
African or European?: none of the above
cool page

Greg Pierce - 08/10/99 03:56:13
My Email:[email protected]
Favorite Movie: Stripes
Unladen flight speed of a swallow: PDF
African or European?: There was one?

max lynch - 06/13/99 03:46:02
My Email:[email protected]
Favorite Movie: startrek first contact
i really love the designs you have on your unbilt fleet site. keep it up you are keeping the startrek spirit alive.

metroid 337 - 06/08/99 18:11:09
My Email:Metroid 337 @ aol.com
Favorite Movie: star trek 3
Unladen flight speed of a swallow: warp.00081
African or European?: Eoropean
Cool web site! live long and prosper.- Spock

jeph christoff - 05/08/99 01:36:15
My URL:http://www.gcty.com/Area51/Vault/7953
My Email:[email protected]
Favorite Movie: Armagedon
Unladen flight speed of a swallow: 2 miles/hour
African or European?: european - of course
great site, i like the backgrounds & trek art, as well as the "Ships Starfleet Didn't Build" page - very cool.

Daryus Aden - 02/16/99 03:25:59
Unladen flight speed of a swallow: 36 mph
African or European?: African
Nice - I like the new look. -Daryus

Snake hips - 02/11/99 13:31:22
My Email:[email protected]
Favorite Movie: The Crow
Chopper, your site is very well done. How did you do this? I'm just learning how to just get around right now. Guess Who I found on the web? Vernon Pipes, I'm mailing a letter today.

Olita Dunehew - 02/05/99 21:50:15
Hello,son, I'm at the library in Carmichael. I do not know what I'm doing .{Rats.

Baloo - 01/03/99 19:53:27
My URL:This one, silly!
My Email:[email protected]
Favorite Movie: Several of them.
Unladen flight speed of a swallow: 10,000 mph on a good day.
African or European?: depends on when you clock 'im.
I seem to be discovering (rather, being discovered by lots of relatives lately.

If this keeps up, I'll have to change the site name to "Dunehew Reunion Site!"

John Dunehew - 01/02/99 01:20:57
My Email:[email protected]
Favorite Movie: little mermaid
hello cousin. My daughter Lisa told me about u. If you have any information about our family, please write, or write anyway. I was born in Memphis 12/3/43. I think Lisa gave you the rest that we know. If not let me know. I have talked to Seth Dunehew in D llas. He is from Mo. Let me hear from you if you have time.

Aprel - 12/06/98 18:56:59
My Email:[email protected]
as hesitant as i am to admit it.. i think we might be related... (smile).. nice page.. and the humor certainly is dunehew allright!!!!!!!! aprel dunehew

darren dunehew - 12/06/98 18:45:01
My Email:[email protected]
Favorite Movie: the day the earth stood still
Unladen flight speed of a swallow: 65 mph
African or European?: both
looks good......

Bad Bunny10/16/98 07:37:51
Cool page Thanks for letting me sign your guestbook

Debbie Dunehew - 10/15/98 22:26:20
My Email:[email protected]
Favorite Movie: Wizard of Oz
Unladen flight speed of a swallow: Huh?
African or European?: Again--huh?
Hi there! I just read the history of your life according to you, and I was interested to note the differences in perceptions between yours and mine. I guess you would know, though, since it is your life! L8R, dude! Love & Kisses, Your Sister

Robert (Baloo) Dunehew - 09/25/98 22:40:14
My URL:http://www.geocities.com/Area51/Shire/8641/
My Email:[email protected]
Favorite Movie: "Hoppity Goes to Town" by Max Fleischer Studios (It depends on when I'm asked, okay?)
Unladen flight speed of a swallow: 10,000 MPH (on a good day)
African or European?: Both. Neither. Who knows?

I deleted an entry here because I discovered it wasn't put in here by a person, but an automated, spam-like program. The link was to a soft-porn site with links to hard-core porn sites. Since a lot of the denizens of Geocities are underage, I decided i was best to remove the link.

If you really want to find that sort of thing, you can look for it yourself.

Aaron Robinson - 07/22/98 18:06:35
My Email:[email protected]
Favorite Movie: I don't have one
Unladen flight speed of a swallow: 80 mph
African or European?: african
Are you the same Baloo as the one on the STZone's Forums? I really like your site. Keep up the good work!

Rob Farquhar (AKA "First of Two") - 07/18/98 00:52:47
My URL:http://members.wbs.net/homepages/b/i/s/bistromath.html
My Email:[email protected]
Favorite Movie: ST:FC
Unladen flight speed of a swallow: What, you don't know?
African or European?: *Vorlonspeak* Yes.
Made my way here from the (now defunct) STZone Forums. Very interesting concepts... nice job. Especially liked the Romulan Motherbird.. any relation to those described in the fan-novels? I had always believed that the novel ones were like feathers attat hed to a larger ship, and detatching to fight.. though a fighter wing sounds MUCH more realistic.

Bobbi - 07/08/98 03:44:03
My Email:[email protected]
Favorite Movie: ST: First Contact
Unladen flight speed of a swallow: Warp 9.73
Hi -- Debbie gave me your site code. We work at the same place, and she knows I like ST. Very cool site -- you 2 have the same sense of Humor!! Bobbi (She told me I shouldn't call YOU Bobby)

David Sands - 07/03/98 03:17:22
My URL:http://www.geocities.com/Area51/Station/4124
My Email:[email protected]
Favorite Movie: Well, this list could go on a while. If you're dying to know, email me and I'll send you all 10 gigs of it ;)
Unladen flight speed of a swallow: 30mph
African or European?: I'm all about Europe!
As always, love you innovative evolution of alien starship design!

Kara Townsend - 07/02/98 13:20:42
My URL:http://www.dynamicSex.com
My Email:[email protected]

Hi! I was surfing through GeoCities and saw your page. Pretty Cool! My name is Kara. I am 24 years old and live in San Diego, CA. I have been teaching myself HTML for the last several months. Please visit my site, Kara s dynamicSex and tell me what you think of it. I will be adding pictures of myself within the next couple days. I would love to exchange links with you!

Paul - 06/04/98 06:27:50
My URL:http://members.tripod.com/~Cargile/
My Email:[email protected]
Favorite Movie: toss up between "Strange Days" or "Ghost in the Shell."
Unladen flight speed of a swallow: Yellow
African or European?: No Blue--aaaaaaaah
boohoo, you have more hits that the SMR. HTML advice to ya bud: within the IMG tag add BORDER=0 to remove those hyperlink borders. But hey, only if you want! Maybe when I'm not so busy with my sites, I'll linger a bit longer. Snagged the banner. Will upload later in the week.

Frank Gerratana - 06/01/98 02:22:44
My URL:http://frankg.dgne.com/
My Email:[email protected]
Favorite Movie: Star Wars
Unladen flight speed of a swallow: African or European?
African or European?: I don't know that!
I normally don't sign these things, but I figured I would just this once because no one else has.

Robert (Baloo) Dunehew - 05/31/98 21:33:45
My URL:http://www.geocities.com/Area51/Shire/8641/
My Email:[email protected]
Favorite Movie: Dead Men Don't Wear Plaid, starring Steve Martin
Unladen flight speed of a swallow: If I told you, it wouldn't be a secret!
African or European?: Yes.
Greetings to all. I figured it would look bad if I didn't sign my own guestbook. Welcome and Enjoy! Robert (Baloo) Dunehew [email protected] http://www.geocities.com/area51/shire/8641

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