My country is Honduras. The geography is beautiful. The weather in my country is cool. It rains in the months of July, August, September, and October. The agriculture and food in my country are good, for example, the meat is beef, steak, ground beef, liver, beef ribs, pork, chicken, fish, crab, and others. The clothing is beautiful -- the jeans, pants, blouses, skirts. The shoes and accessories are good.
Pico Bonito National Park
The people speak the languages Miskito and Garifuna. The ethnic groups also include the Lenca, Tolupan, and Chorti Indians. The religion is Christian – Catholic, Adventista, and Jehova’s Witness. The economy is good.  Popular dances are the punta, merengue, and reggae.  My country is very, very beautiful. I love it very much.
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