The ruins of Tikal are very beautiful and very old.  The location is between the Gulf of Mexico and the Pacific Ocean, bordering Mexico and, to the south, Honduras and El Salvador.  The ruins of Tikal are a tourist attraction area.  The temperature in the area is hot from March to November.  December to February is cold.  The area has five languages:  Spanish, Cakchiquel, Mam, Tzutujil, and Quekchi.
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The Mayas’ Adoration of Gods shows the gods of sun, rain, maize, and of heaven. Their names are Yum Kax, Ahpuch, Hun Hunahpu, and Ahaw K’in.  In the Maya culture music and dance are very important. For the Mayas’ adoration of the gods they have a special ceremony for the gods.
Adoration of the Gods