Evening 250 Class, January 12, 2006
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Dilar with Blanca and Genoveva with Ofelia
Oscar, Genoveva and Dilar with Blanca in front
Dilar, Yuri, and Carmen R.
"What did you do last weekend?"
Luis, Lu, and Win
Jin Ling and Genoveva
Luis, Maritza, Migue, and Win
Migue, Jin Ling, Win (hidden), Hayat, and Genoveva (in front)
Jin Ling with Hayat
Andrea and Maria
Kalid with Jiji and Ofelia
Genry and Glenda
Glenda, Mohamed, and Juana
Antonio and Dilar
Lu with Oscar
Carmen R. and Raquel
January 24, 2006

"Tell me about
  your country"
Genoveva, Hayat, and Genry
Luis and Dilar
Hayat and Yuri
Kanat, Migue (in back), and Fatuma
Mohamed and Carmen C.
Ofelia, Tania, and Jin Ling
Kalid and Andrea
Genry and Mario