2-22-2019 - Though not all done today, I have finally fixed the broken Mac page full of gibberish in the PC section, and have put in the plan for the NEC Ready + corrected the model # (it's a 9522) in the PC section as well, so all of it is now fixed up and working.  I'm currently writing some new documents for Misc and Documents sections now which I hope to have up in the next few weeks.  I'm also looking at adding some old webrings and other ancient communal internet-stuffs for vintage machines so as to draw more traffic to my site.

2-6-2019- Started working on the documents section and added this new banner image to the front page to liven up the front page more and give something to view rather than the news.  Sure it bogs down load times on older systems - slightly - but I figured it was better than a blank banner and gives the place a little more atmosphere, and makes the place just a hair more familiar.  Before too long - the old site is going to be deleted on Google Sites - as I mucho prefer coming full circle back to Geocities.  Anyway, time to get back to work.  You'll see new things come up here as they pop up.  Oh yeah, and the original site's 18th birthday is coming up on February 9th - which also just happens to be my own birthday - and also marks the birth of the first PC that I started this site with at all those years ago - the original Creeping Net 1 (Flight 386 SX).

2-5-2019 -  Finally added the "Downloads" section so there is some stuff to download, all DOS and Windows 3.x stuff for now.  I'm trying to focus on hard to find/impossible to find things rather than just the same old stuff every other retro-DOS/Windows site has to download.  Next up, documents and miscellanious writings are the next focus, might be awhile for me to put images on some of it because I'll need to do some screen capturing, and I prefer to do that on my old systems rather than via emulation.  I have tested the site on multiple browsers (Opera 3.62 in Windows For Workgroups 3.11, Mozilla FireFox 32 and 64 bit, IE6, IE 11, Edge, Netscape 4.08 - just to name a few) and it comes up perfectly.  The idea here is I plan to keep this site accessable by vintage computers, which was a big reason for me choosing geocities as a host.  Anyway onward with the construction.  I also need to build a good front page image to go above this besides the banner, but I need a good bit of time on the weekend with Graf-X II and the 486 to do that.

1-31-2019 - The site is very close to being ready to go live.  I need to just write up some documents, articles, and provide some downloads eventually.  I'm doing some testing on other browsers as well (more modern ones) to make sure it looks great for everyone from the technophile with the Core I9 or say the 8-Bit Guy swings by with his Compaq Portable.  I'm also giving thought to adding a top-level Navbar just in case I decide to ditch the frames again.  This time I'm in it for the long haul.  With unlimited space and bandwidth - I feel like I can keep this one around a lot longer than the old one.

11-15-2018 - Sometimes, things just come full circle, whodathunk I'd be spending my night getting more done on a 25 year old 80486, than I actually would a 9 year old Core 2 Duo because, well Windows 10.

But hey, welcome to this new version of my "old" website. Coded in cold, hard, HTML on a 25 year old 80486 running Windows For Workgroups 3.11 (well, Mostly - I do work in modern editors sometimes when the 486 is not available), still accessible, NOT Google Approved, NOT Web 2.0 compliant, and you can probably surf this thing on a Commodore 64 without too much hiccups.

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