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CountryLane is a small family farm which has grown food organically in the Red River Valley since 1980.  CountryLane is committed to:
  • building healthy soil
  • stewardship of the land and our children's land
  • healthy crops with natural resistance to weeds, insects, disease, and environmental stress
  • protection of our valuable water supply

    CountryLane stone ground flour is produced by slowly crushing and pulverizing grain seeds between two millstones into a fine and nutritious flour.   This method is a revival of the famous grist mills which, by 1900, had all but vanished throughout the country.

    Stone ground flour contains:

  • all vitamins and minerals found in the whole grain kernel
  • delicate oils and vitamins which are protected by low speed, low temperature milling process
  • particles of bran which are flat and thin, easy to digest and utilize, in a flour that is very soft and smooth to feel

    CountryLane has been authorized by the Province of Manitoba to operate a food handling facility and undergoes a yearly inspection by the Organic Producer's Association of Manitoba (OPAM) whose standards are equal to those of OCIA, OGBA, and FVO.

Enjoy the old-fashioned taste...

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