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DVD Player Features

Playable Disc Type: DVD-Video, DVD-Audio, 
Single Disc Player or
Front-Loading 5-Disc Carousel 1
Video Features
54 MHz/10-Bit Video D/A Converter 2
Progressive Scan 3
Auto Switching Field/Frame/Still 4
Still Picture Display (I/P/B)
Cinema Mode 5
Frame Advance (Forward & Reverse)
Discrete Component Video Out 6 Switchable
MPEG Digital Noise Reduction 7
Monitor Select 8
Audio Features
Dialog Enhancer 9
Advanced Virtual Surround Sound 10
Built-in dts and Dolby Digital Decoders 11/
Optical Digital Output for dts and Dolby Digital 12
192kHz/24-bit Audio D/A Converter 13
Audio Only Circuit 14
Digital Re-Master Processing 15
Easy Operation
Chapter Preview 16
Hi-Speed Smooth Motion Scan 5-Speed up to 200x 17
On-Screen Menu Icons 18
MP3/WMA Playback 19
JPEG Still Image Playback
Position Memory (5 Discs) 20
Twin Laser Pickup 21
Remote Control 22
HighMAT Compatible 23
Audio/JPEG Navigation Menu 24

DVD Player Feature Explanations:

  1. Front-Loading 5-Disc Carousel -- Some players play up to five DVD-Video discs, for your  enjoyment in virtually any digital format. The front-loading 5-disc rotary carousel design lets you change any of the four non-playing discs without disturbing the movie you're watching, or the music you're listening to. These changers' front panel LEDs conveniently display the location of loaded discs, which disc is playing and the position of the disc tray when the drawer is open.

  2. 54MHz 10-bit Video Digital-to-Analog Converter -- A D/A converter using 54MHz oversampling helps bring out the stunning beautiful picture quality of the DVD player models equipped with progressive scanning capability. By processing the DVD video signal at 4 times the original 13.5MHz rate, this technology provides vivid and finely textured image reproduction. To provide a magnificent picture, the recorded 8-bit DVD image data receives 10-bit processing for faithful reproduction that extends to delicate signal details.

  3. Progressive Scanning for Outstanding Reproduction -- Progressive scanning doubles the scan lines of an interlaced signal (from 480i to 480p) by scanning all 525 lines in 1/60 of a second for each pass. The higher-density video signal creates film-like DVD images extraordinarily close to the way they originally appeared in the cinema - with rich detail, extraordinary depth of field, and precise color reproduction. With the rising popularity of high definition televisions and their ability to accept and reproduce a progressive scan DVD picture, Panasonic's new and expanded line of DVD progressive players are positioned to take full advantage of this growing format.

  4. Auto Switching Field/Frame Still -- Depending upon whether the original program source is film or video, still images can either be reproduced as individual frames or individual fields. With the Auto Switching Field/Frame Still feature in DVD players, you can enjoy incredibly still, detailed images free of jitter, regardless of the source.

  5. Digital Cinema Mode - Cinema mode combines brightness control with picture noise canceling to provide better picture quality in certain viewing conditions. It lessens glare, giving you colors that are more cinema-like and picture resolution that is gentler to the eyes. Cinema mode also improves the visibility of details in dark scenes by automatically adjusting picture contrast, and helps to suppress color smearing, as well.

  6. Discrete Component Video Out -- A picture-enhancing advancement in DVD-Video technology. It keeps the black and white, red, and blue signals of the video image intact (and separate) during transmission, to maintain incredibly high picture quality. Thanks to component video out, these DVD players produce images with higher resolution and more accurate colors than conventional DVD-Video players.

    The discrete video out terminals also let you transmit digital video to compatible video equipment, or connect your DVD-Video player to more than one monitor at a time.

  7. MPEG Digital Noise Reduction (Mosquito/Block/3D) -- During Playback, advanced 3D-DNR circuitry effectively and selectively removes only noise components from the signal. In addition, to suppress the compression noise characteristic of the MPEG format, Block Noise Reduction reduces the square-shaped 'block distortion' that can easily occur in scenes of rapid motion, while Mosquito Noise Reduction reduces the noise around sharp edges that can look something like small flying insects. The result is stunningly clear image reproduction.

  8. Monitor Select -- For optimum viewing enjoyment, the monitor select function lets users choose the best connection option according to the type of display being used, whether it’s a direct-view television, rear-projection monitor, plasma screen or video projector.

  9. Dialogue Enhancer - Most of the movie dialog recorded in surround sound formats (either Dolby Digital®, DTS® or Dolby Pro Logic®) is heard through the center channel speaker. At times, dialog can be overwhelmed by particularly loud sounds emanating from the other speakers in your surround sound system. The dialog enhancer increases the center channel volume (relative to other channels), making movie dialog easier to hear and understand.

  10. Advanced Virtual Surround Sound -- Even without an elaborate home theater system, you can still enjoy the thrilling sounds of the movies thanks to Advanced Virtual Surround Sound. This  technology creates the surround sound effect by simulating surround-channel sounds using only two front speakers!*

    *Works with Dolby Digital® 2, 5 and 5.1 channel discs only.

  11. Built-in dts and Dolby Digital Decoders -- Some players are equipped with built-in dts and Dolby Digital decoders, eliminating the need for an external decoder. When you play DVD-Video discs encoded with Dolby Digital soundtracks, the decoder processes all six channels of audio information (left front, right front, center, left-surround, right-surround and low-frequency-effects). It also lets you control speaker configuration. With the proper audio components, you'll enjoy the exceptional fidelity of discrete 5.1 channel surround sound.

    Offering incredible digital surround sound, dts (Digital Theater Sound) is the sound system of choice for many movie theaters.

  12. Optical Digital Output for dts and Dolby Digital Decoders -- Some DVD players are equipped with dts and Dolby Digital out. When connected to an optional decoder, you can enjoy the amazing 5.1 channel digital surround sound offered by dts and Dolby Digital encoded discs on your DVD player.

  13. 192kHz/24-bit Digital/Analog Converter -- DVD-Audio's extreme fidelity comes from its much greater sampling rates and bit depths. In fact, at its 192kHz/24-bit maximum, DVD-Audio can reproduce high frequencies up to 96kHz, nearly five times the audio spectrum, while achieving dynamic range of 144dB. These high-frequency components of the audio signal beyond 20kHz play key roles in communicating delicate musical nuances, hall ambience, and soundstage imaging.

  14. Audio Only Circuit -- Protection against noise is provided by the Audio Only circuit that isolates the audio circuitry from the video circuitry. The result is exceptionally pure signal reproduction.

  15. Digital Re-Master Processing -- Digital Re-Master Processing is designed to provide higher quality audio reproduction by extending the reproduced frequency range of discs recorded at 48kHz or 44.1kHz/16-bit beyond their 20kHz boundaries. This Digital Re-Master Processing works by using DSP to create a high range signal above 20kHz comprising a virtually natural harmonic structure and adding this to the originally recorded data on the disc, thereby extending reproduced response into the ultra-high range. Together with the 192kHz/24-bit D/A converter, this helps achieve more natural, higher quality audio reproduction. Therefore, you can enjoy superior sound quality even with your current CDs.

  16. Chapter Preview -- Chapter preview serves as a tool to refresh your memory about a movie you haven't seen all the way through. If you keep the disc in the player and press PLAY again, chapter preview automatically shows you the first three seconds of each previously viewed chapter. The unit will proceed with normal play once it reaches the position where you left off.

  17. Hi-Speed Smooth Motion Scan -- This feature provides crystal clear scan quality in five speeds, ranging from slow motion to high speed, in both forward and reverse. At the highest setting, you can search at an incredible 200 times the normal speed in order to rapidly locate desired points on a disc.

  18. On-Screen Menu Icons -- For a new level of operational convenience. Select DVD players now feature easy to use on-screen menu icons which allow you to control a variety of settings via remote control.

  19. MP3 and WMA Playback -- For contents recorded on CD-R/RW media from CDs for your personal use. Plays back MPEG Layer 3 (.MP3) and Windows Media (.WMA) Internet audio formats. Playability may vary depending on contents and discs.

  20. Position Memory (5 Discs) -- Lets you eject a disc part way through a movie and later resume viewing from that same point. This handy functions remembers the location where viewing was interrupted for up to 5 discs -- a true convenience for a family with a wide range of tastes in entertainment.

  21. Twin Laser Pickup for DVD/CD Playback -- Using one objective lens with two laser units having different wavelengths optimized for DVD and CD reproduction, this advanced pickup can also play CD-R/RW discs. The integrated design of the Twin Laser Pickups DVD unit reduces noise pickup by using an OSIC (optical electric IC) with built-in I/V amp. This highly sensitive state-of-the-art optical pickup is made possible by advanced optical device technology.

  22. Easy to Operate Remote Control -- The large cursors make DVD software menu operation incredibly simple. Better still, often-used keys are laid out around the cursors, so you can perform more operations with a single finger.

  23. HighMAT Compatible -- High-Performance Media Access Technology (HighMAT), co-developed by Panasonic and Microsoft, designed to significantly improve interoperability for digital media content between PCs* and popular electronic devices such as CD players, car stereos and DVD players. HighMAT is a digital-media standard that provides a dramatically improved method of storing, arranging and playing back personal digital photo, music and video collections on recordable discs such as CD-RW media.

    Consumers worldwide use an increasing variety of electronic devices to store, organize and access digital media. HighMAT delivers a simple, standardized approach that allows consumers to:

    • Create and manage personal collections of digital music, video and photography on a PC.
    • Move digital media files (using recordable media such as CD-R and CD-RW) between the PC and various playback devices such as CD and DVD players.

    * Microsoft plans to support HighMAT in the final release of Windows Media(TM) Player 9 Series and in future versions of Windows Movie Maker 2, the digital video editing and publishing feature of Windows(R) XP.

  24. Audio/JPEG Navigation Menu -- Enables you to quickly search for JPEG, MP3 and WMA files recorded onto CD-R and CD-RW discs via an on-screen menu with online confirmation of file folders. This function also works with CD-R discs that feature multi-session recordings.