Korean Sands

Korean sand COLOR CHART compare colors!!
Asian sands are a must for any sand collector they are very diversified and come in a amazing amount of textures and colors.
The first thing that I started to notice about Asian sands is the grain size and the coloration of each sample.
After having 87 samples on a living  room table, together I had a sand rainbow appearing.
whites,light yellows,shells,dark yellows, oranges, greys, blacks, and now greens.
Christopher Maslon lives in  South Korea.
A Mr. Frank Krumme of Canada, collected these 87 sands in a amazing 9 months..
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International Sand Collectors Society site
Frank Winger Sand site
Sand # KOR-1 Construction site Seoul,Korea
Loes Modderman Sand Site NETHERLANDS
KOR- 40, is clean and white its the type of sand that illumation of where it comes from.
To your left is a enlarged grain sample of IHO beach in South Korea On Cheju Island this sand is rare. It was described to me as "Tiger Sand" thus showing the true colors of yellow orange, black and white.
Just a few of the many collected throughtout Asia.
Sand # 45 Iho Beach

KOR-14 a clean white grey sand with a outstanding texture.
KOR-69 a rich yellow and fine grained.
AMAZING SAND FACT: without sand, Korea would have never been able to rebuild after the Korean War, there just are enough trees to build anything, mountians are untouchable as far as protecting trees- and believe it or not 100% of the telephone poles are made of concrete.
IIIIyou are looking for the rarer of the sands of Korea look no further then this beauty, this is the black sand of Cheju Do. KOR-43
KOR-43 Cheju Island
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