Troy Millerís Shaddie Clouser



Hook:       Gamakatsu SL11-3H hook, size 6 or preferably 8,

Thread:    White

Eyes:       Black Lead, Heavy

Tail:         Neer Hair, White

Wing:       Neer Hair, White; Wing Ďn Flash, Ice Blue or Pearl ; Neer Hair, White, Smoke Gray or Chartreuse


Put hook in the vise the normal way (point down, shank up). 

Wrap on lead eyes with figure 8ís. They give the fly some real action when fished with a floating line, almost like jigging. 

Tie in a 2Ē long clump of Neer Hair to the top side just in front of the lead eyes.  Bind it just in front and just behind the eyes, and then follow it down the length of the shank until you get to the bend.  Wrap back forward to the lead eyes, and throw a half-hitch.  

Take the hook out of the vise and invert it, Clouser style. 

Tie on another clump of white Neer Hair, just behind the lead eyes (into the gape of the hook).  Come with the thread in front of the lead eyes, and tie in a modest clump of ice blue or pearl Wing Ďn Flash.  That should kindía stand up, since the eyes are lifting it.  Finally, take a clump of either light smoke gray or chartreuse Neer Hair and tie it on top.  Each successive clump should be slightly longer than the first.  Whip finish the head and epoxy or Sally Hansen. 

An alternative method is to not worry about the lengths of the clumps while tying them in, and just cutting the minnow shape at the very end, just before you take the fly out of the vise.  When Iím tying 50 of them, thatís what I do.  Nothing complicated at all, but this combination of materials, colors, and shape are EXACTLY what those tasty little buggers want to eat.  Took me about 4 years of experimenting to get to this point with them.  Word of caution Ė donít dress them too heavy.  They seem to like the sparse ones better than the bushy ones. 

 ~Troy Miller


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