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Interesting Links Page
Here you will find Links to some very interesting People, Places and Sites. Explore to your hearts content!

Newfoundland Musical Related Links;
93.5 CHMR-FM
Freds Records
Music Industry Association
Celtic Connection
Dr. Zoo
The Ennis Sisters
Government Rams
Great Big Sea
Ron Hynes
Ray Lake
Rick Lambe
Pamela Morgan
Ocean Skye
The Punters
The Reaction

Canadian Singer/Songwriters;
Bruce Cockburn
Aengus Finnan
Peter Boyd
Mel Brown
Jim Byrnes
John Campbelljohn
Lori Cooper
Jack de Keyzer
Jerome Godboo
J.W. Jones
Connie Kaldor
James Keelaghan
Colin Linden
Dee Long
Harry Manx
Chris Kirby & The Marquee
Murray McLauchlan
Maria Muldaur
Ndidi Onukwulu
Roxanne Potvin
Ron Sexsmith
Smiling Jack Smith
Terry Tufts
The Twisters
Jesse Winchester
Layla Zoe

Canadian Bands;
Blackie & The Rodeo Kings
Blue Rodeo
Diana Brathwaite & Chris Whiteley
Cowboy Junkies
Glamour Puss
Mike Goudreau Band
Hot Tamales
The Tragically Hip
Trouble & Strife

Record Companies and other interesting Music Industry Associations;
Amber Music
Avondale Music
Blues North
Bullseye Records
Sarah French
Landwash Distribution
Northern Blues Records
Cisco Systems Ottawa Bluesfest
Stony Plain Records
Toronto Blues Society
True North Records

Comic & Graphic Artists;
The Artists Choice
Brian Michael Bendis
Will Eisner
Ted Jones
Dale Keown
Stan Lee Fan Page
David Mack

Comic Companies, Titles and Fan Pages;
Marvel Comics
Daredevil the Movie
Daredevil Fan Page
The Fantastic Four Fan Page
The Hulk Movie
The Hulk on TV
The Hulk Fan Page 1
The Hulk Fan Page 2
Spider-Man The Movie
Spider-Man Fan Page 1
Spider-man Fan Page 2
The X-Men

Image Comics

DC Comics
Supergirl Fan Page

Other Comic & Sci-Fi Related Links
Canadian National Expo
STAR TREK Official Website
Star Wars
David Prowse / Darth VAder
Space 1999
Wizard Magazine
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