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(Finally updated on March 20, 2012...still in progress with more photos coming)

My Vintage MTBs (click links for photos unless otherwise noted) in order of acquisition:

SOLD 1992 - 1986/1987
Giant AT730 - my first MTB!  I bought it new.  This was an entry-level Giant when they were first getting into marketing their own name.  This bike had Suntour Accushift (first generation index shifting) with Suginao cranks and Cycloid chainrings (immitation of Biopace) and a rear U-brake.  Photo is not my actual bike, but is the same model and color.  The salesman at Riverside Cycles (long gone) in my hometown of Tulsa sold me on Giant's value proposition vs. a KHS Montana.  This was Giant's first or second year selling under their own name.

SOLD 2003 - 1991
Specialized Rockhopper Comp - I bought this one used in 1992 and sold it in November 2003 in a garage sale.  I rode this bike a lot in college, then it sat for years, got a little use around 2000/2001, then sat again while I lived overseas.  I sold it because it needed a lot of work and the offer was good; but this was oddly about one year before I got into Vintage MTBs.  I wish I hadn't sold it now!  Photo is not my actual bike, but is the same model and color.  Parts were mostly DX and LX.

SOLD 2005 - 1989
Fuji Cadenza - entry level bike from Fuji with Exage Trail group and rear U-brake.  This was local and VERY cheap, so was bought as a project to learn to work on bikes.  I cleaned it up, tuned it and sold it (with a nicer saddle than shown).

SOLD 2005 - 1989
Giant AT740
- entry to mid-level Giant with full Exage Mountain group and rear U-brake.  Frame was small for me, though, so it was a clean up, tune up, sell bike.

SOLD 2005 - 1989
Specialized Stumpjumper Comp (crankset, rear dearailleur)- full XT on this one and a great bike.  I bought it off E-bay from the original, local owner.  It was dirty as hell, but all there.  The frame was small, so I reluctantly sold it after cleaning and tuning.  This one started dirty and with excess decals, but cleaned up very nicely.  Before photosside view, drivetrain closeup

SOLD 2005 - 1991
ParkPre Hammer (drivetrain before, drivetrain after) - I bought this one from the original owner and it had clearly hardly been ridden.  I cleaned up the drivetrain and replaced the shifter/brake levers because one had failed.  The frame was too big for me, so I sold it.  This was a really interesting bike with a very 90s paint scheme.

SOLD 2006 - 1988 Fisher Montare (links to dedicated page with photos)  Photos: Side view after cleanup, before photo

This was my first Vintage MTB find and got me into the hobby!  This is from the time before Fisher's bikes were badged "Gary Fisher" and thus well before the Trek purchase.  This one is badged "Fisher" and the head tube badging says "Mountain Bikes" and "Montare".  The link above has photos and info.

Diamondback Axis,More photos: before photo, another after photo, derailleur and chain before, drivetrain after

I got this bike because I liked the early 1990s paint scheme and it was made around the same time as my old Rockhopper.  This Axis has the first generation
Shimano Rapidfire push-push" shifters that I got used to for many years on the Rockhopper.  I bought it with a Scott Unishock, but it was seized; so it now wears a Tange fork thanks to a friendly MTBR forum user.  The bike was originally fully rigid anyway.  This bike has full Shimano XT 7-speed.  The tubing is True Temper OX chromoly.  Axis was the top of the line Diamondback for all of their early years (with an ocassional Axis Team thrown in) and remains the top hardtail in the current lineup.

SOLD 2006 - 1987 Diamondback Arrivaldrivetrain.  Photos from before cleanup: handlebar, rear derailleur, u-brake, fork, After cleanup: frame no wheels

This was one of the first mass produced aluminum mountain bikes and was well equipped with full Shimano XT 6-speed down to the pedals. 
Here's a link to one at First Flight Bikes (in better condition than mine).

Schwinn Paramountain (links to dedicated page)  Photos: side view (mid-resto), drivetrain (mid-resto), Ned Overend's Signature (before resto), "after" photo 1, "after" photo 2, drivetrain "after", photo of front brake, front wheel, headtube decal (mid-resto)

This was the first Schwinn Paramount mountain bike and Ned Overend rode one during the 1986 season, when he won his
first NORBA championship (he went on to win several).  These came as frame/fork combos; so there aren't 'correct' components, per se.  Mine came with full XT except for Suntour stem and post.

SOLD 2006 - 1991
Raleigh Technium Chill , driverain after cleanup

This Technium frame has a front triangle made of aluminum bonded to steel lugs and a chromoly rear triangle.  This one has mostly Shimano Deore parts (
cranks, shifters, canti brakes, levers, rear hub).  Rear derailluer is Shimano DX and front is Suntour XC Comp.  Front hub is Soros, bar is Ritchey, seatpost is SR Sakae and stem is unknown brand with roller.  The fork is a steel Spinner with straight blades.

 1993 Diamondback Overdrive Comp - one of the first big-wheel (29") MTBs.  This model has mostly Suntour XC Pro components, but with dia Compe 987 brakes and levers.  Also, a previous owner put on Tioga Revolver cranks.  I recently changed this one over to semi-slich CX tires and put a Zoom Brahma bar on it with cork wrap.  The bar matches original equipment for this bike.  This is my neighborhood and greenway bike.

SOLD 2010 - 1985 Fat ChanceNew complete image! - Has Shimano Deer Head derailleurs, Suntour friction shifters, Magura brake levers, Sugino cranks and Suntour XC hubs with Araya rims.  I swapped on black alloy Bullmoose bars.  This one got some good rides in - I liked it, but let it go as the Ritchey Crazy Pete was getting all the attention.

SOLD 2010 - 1986 Mountain Klein - New Complete Image! - Has Full XT with Araya RM-20 rims, American Classic seat post, and, of course, internal cable routing.  This was Klein's first mountian bike, but wasn't the first year for it.  This bike cleaned up very nicely.  It was too small for me, but my wife dipped her toe into MTB with this and rode it several times before I got her a modern FS bike that's easier on her back (used 2005 Kona King Supreme).

SOLD 2008 - 1991 GT Korakoram - cool steel GT with matching fork and stem with internal front brake cable routing.  I got other projects and moved on before building this one, so I sold it.

SOLD 2009 - 1987 Bridgestone MB-2 - New! Picture as completed - I got this as a frame with some parts (brakes, stem, bar, shifters, levers).  I built it up to almost 100% original specs, but with a couple of color-keyed touches (green Oury grips and green and yellow cable housings).  This was sold it on to make room for others.  I kinda miss it in all its cool green and yellow-ness.

SOLD 2009 - Late 90s Nuke Proof frame - I picked this one up, then got other, older projects and decided to sell before I built it up

1989 Medici Mountain Bike (?) - FOR SALE MARCH 2012! - Medici was a highly-regarded, small volume road bike builder in the 1980s.  There are no records showing what, or how many, MTBs they built; but I have seen a couple on the internet.  Mike Howard, formerly with Medici, says this one doesn't look like anything he made; so it may well be something else rebadged.  In any case, it's badged Prestige and is pretty light (may actually be made of Prestige!).  The bike has a beautiful paint job, with decals under clear, a cool fork and has full XT with specialized stem and rims.  I've cleaned this one up and tuned it - don't really have any miles on it.

SOLD 2010 - 1991 Diamondback Axis - similar to one I had before, but orange with splatter paint and this one had a Mag 21 fork.  I cleaned it up, rode it a couple times and sold it to make room.

1995 Ritchey Crazy Pete - photo 2, photo 3, photo 4 - I got this one as a frame and fork with headset and BB in place, then I found Ritchey parts via the internet.  It's built up as of December 7, 2008.  I built it with correct 1995 XT derailleurs and hubs.  The rest of the build is mostly Ritchey, with WCS bar, stem (NOS), levers (NOS) and seatpost.  I used Logic cantilever brakes, cranks and saddle and finished it off with modern Z-Max Evolution Pro tires.  The rims are unknown, but seem light and came with the XT hubs.  I bent the front rim and now have an XTR hub with Ritchey Rock SCX rim on it.  This one has been getting the most use among the vintage rides, thought the Paramountain is still out from time to time.

1988 Ritchey Super Comp - pics coming soon! - When I got this one, it was complete, but dirty and had one broken spoke.  That's fixed, the non-period bar ends are off and it cleaned up beautifully.  This is likely the crown jewel at this point, with frame, fork and stem all hand fillet brazed by Tom Ritchey.  Component group is full M730 XT (6-speed) with u-brake.  This frame has a braze-on portage strap, which seems to be rare on these.  Right now, it's wearing cheap lights and gets used with the dog around the neighborhood.  Now that it's complete, I'm looking to get some trail time on it.

SOLD 2011 - 1992 Pro-Flex 752 - I bought this one for the cranks.  It had Cook Brothers Racing cranks on it.  I cleaned up it, put some close-to-correct cranks on it, replaced the elestomer, aired up the Mag 21 and sold it.

1983/1984 Ritchey Mt. Tam - I got this one as a frame only and have collected most of the parts to get it together to 1983 specs.  It came with Sugino AT cranks and part of a Campy headset.  It'll be getting full Shimano M700 (Deerhead) XT, Campy Record HS, new Paul bottom bracket, Araya 7x rims on Dura Ace hubs, LaPrade post and (for now) modern Rivendell fillet brazed bullmoose bars.  I will eventually get this one out for paint and get it together.

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