The house in which I live (3 Apt. 15 Vasiliy Belyakov Street, Vyshniy Volochek, Tver Region, 171161, Russia) -  Our house

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— Alexander Borisovich (@Khvalovsky) January 5, 2014

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Welcome to a virtual country of my sweet dreams - the updated USSR which hasn't become reality for the soviet people after its encarnation in the form of modern Russian Federation.

   I'm not going to blame anybody in the past, present or make the projects of our nearest future. Let it be as it is! One day I'll lead you to a Liverpool's club page with some unusual features, I've recently discovered for myself, friends and some buddies checked by my experience of web communication,  when time seems to be frozen and the glorious spirit of The Beatles is kept still alive. But not now, a bit later. Will you try to follow the way I've come through in these days of May 2013 left by me behind. May be you will be lucky as well and find the page of the club where you feel you so free and happy like in a dream...

   I hope you have lots of pationce in store. Good luck and welcome to my page! You can copy this widget after your understanding its real value and importance, I 'm sure. Smile.





Best regards from Vyshniy Volochyok  (en) to all people having connected their lives with the University  (sp) of Washington  (pl) in Seattle,(it) USA!

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I have started building my site and I'd like to know what you think about it. Do write me,please, I'll check it back soon! 

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