Download Clark Gable Winamp Skin (1) - (31kb). Contributed by Yen.

Download Clark Gable Winamp Skin (2) - (67kb). Contributed by Yen.

What is Winamp?
Winamp is the hottest music player for MS Windows, letting you play files like MP3, WMA, VQF, WAV, MIDI, MOD and also audio-CDs.

Where can I get the latest version of Winamp?
Go to and type in Winamp.  Winamp is freeware and can be downloaded and used free of charge for as long as you like. 

What is Winamp Skin?
Winamp skins are an alternative graphical interface for your Winamp player. They don't change the functionality of Winamp, just the look. 

How do I install a Winamp skin?
Simply save the downloaded skins (*.zip) in your 'winamp\skins' directory which usually would be something like 'C:\Program Files\winamp\skins'. Start Winamp and press ALT+S to open Winamp's skin browser, where you then can select any skin that you have installed. Press OK to accept the skin that you selected and everything should be set.  Note: Only Winamp versions 1.8 and up support skins!

Many thanks for Yen's Contribution.

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