Gable on NPR

  • Fire Contaminates Radio Recordings
    All Things Considered, May 13, 2005. Historical network and local radio broadcasts were contaminated with PCB's in a recent fire at a Los Angeles radio museum. The museum can't afford to decontaminate recordings.

    Note: a NPR segment that features Clark Gable singing Happy Birthday to Carole Lombard. It only lasts a couple of seconds. It is 3:06 minutes into the NPR segment you will hear Gable's singing... Very cool! Thanks to Anne for notifying me!

  • Hearing Voices: Segregated 'Gone with the Wind' Set
    Day to Day, February 25, 2005. On the set of the 1940 movie Gone With the Wind, black and white actors were originally segregated. But then actor Lennie Bluett, an extra on the set, alerted Clark Gable to the situation. Bluett tells producer Ben Adair of the Hearing Voices radio project about the experience.

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