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GWTW-by the number

1,350,000feet of film ran through the cameras.
10,000antiques were offered for sale in the Charity Bazaar Scene-

cameos were purchased in the U.S. and Europe for

Scarlett's dresses

449,512feet of color film were shot totaling 88 hours
200sets were designed.
59members of the cast.
2,400extras and bit players
30,000Vivien Leigh's Salary
446,688stars and supporting payroll
44custome sketches for Rhett.
21custome changes for Melanie
11custome changes for Ashley.
3,700,000actual production cost.
125shooting days for Vivien Leigh
71shooting days for Clark Gable
59shooting days for Olivia de Havilland
32shooting days for Leslie Howard
25,000,000people had seen GWTW by the end of 1940
150,000people who greeted motorcade of stars from Atlanta Airport
13Oscar nominations
10Oscars won
35,000,000paid by CBS for 20-year television run
100,000,000people had seen the film somewhere in the world by 1956

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