Boston Ecofeminist Action meets the second and fourth Wednesday
of each month from 6:30 to 9:00.

Meetings are held at:

The Community Room at the Harvest Co-Op in Central Square
581 Mass Ave., Cambridge (617 661 1580)
Lucy Parsons Bookstore
Columbus Avenue, Boston, MA (617 xxx xxxx)

NEXT MEETING: Wednesday, April 17th @ Harvest Co-op in Central Square — 7 pm

Minutes from Meetings
Sept 26
1) Boston Vegetarian Society tabling We have a table confirmed for the BVS Food Festival on Saturday, October 13. We are in the process of creating materials to table with, including a mission statement/who we are flier and fliers about the upcoming teach-in, dairy, ecofeminism and peace, and how to go veg(etari)an. We also will have radt-shirts to sell (silkscreened by Helen), books for display, and other literature we like but didn't write. For more information about the event, visit

2) BEA Teach-In The BEA teach-in is November 10th at the Community Church of Boston. Nancy is creating a flier, and we talked mostly about the content of the flier and different ways to publicize the event. We will be asking people to RSVP (though they don't need to register in advance) and requesting a $5 sliding scale donation, no one turned away. We also discussed facilitation, and how we could make sure discussions at the event won't be dominated by a few individuals. We'd also like to have a meeting soon at the Community Church to check out the space and discuss logistics and other "day of" stuff. Slideshow Helen gave a really excellent ecofeminist slideshow she has created, which will also be shown at the teach-in.

Sept 20
Meeting cancelled.
Sept 5

1) Teach-in: *November 10th is confirmed as workshop date *this date has been confirmed with the space. Basically-confirmed workshop facilitators include: carol adams ("Sexual Politics of Meat" slide show), Susan Soloman (Workshop on Feminism and Animal Rights), Josephine Donovan (Ecofeminist Theory), Gordene Mackenzie (Transgender Issues and Ecofeminism), and Helen Matthews (workshop on cross-movement alliances and a slide show on the representation of women, animals, and the earth in advertising and other imagery). We are tracking down rebecca johnson as another potential facilitator, plus more facilitators (kim foster? alice walker? doctor that nancy heard on the radio?)

"Shut down wallstreet" action in nyc is scheduled for this same day: if it happens, we could help organize or participate in a local solidarity action as one way of including global economic analysis with the teach-in

2) Table at Vegetarian Food Festival Materials: diary flyer (to be modified), vegetarianism flyer, flyer for teach-in, copies of cook books ("bark + grass", bloodroot collective cookbook, etc.), t-shirts, more printed materials . It looks like the men's vegan baking auxilary may not be able to sell their food because of the difficulties with the food permits, but ask marc at [email protected] for more information

3) National Convergence against the IMF and World Bank in DC *BEA wants to have an ecofeminist/feminist artmaking workshop in preparation. Artmaking could include costumes, silkscreening, participating in "masquerade" project...brainstorm ideas. BEA could help pull together boston feminists for a caravan down to dc...especially for people staying in the women's space. UPDATE (9/16) it looks like this convergence will be postponed because the imf/world bank have cancelled their meetings (visit and; there are other organizing groups too, so look for links)

August 22
Meeting cancelled.
August 8
Ecofeminist Teach-in: We would like to have Carol Adams attend the teach-in, so we decided to try to change the date from October 27th to November 3rd (one week later). She should be able to make it then. Hopefully, she will be able to speak at Tufts during that same visit, and they will fund her expenses. We are arranging this with Liz from Tufts. We have requested from the Community Church that the space reservation be pushed back a week. We felt that the teach-in should run from 10am to 6pm, with a lunch in there. We discussed the various workshop facilitators and will try to get in touch with them. Boston Vegetarian Food Festival: BEA will have a table at the festival. the men's vegan baking auxilary of BEA would like to have a bake sale at our table as well, but there may be complications involving food permits. We will look further into this. Literature: Sue made a flyer about going vegetarian, which is very rad, and helen made a flyer for World Breastfeeding Week about milk (which will be changed into a more general milk flyer). Web Page: Nancy is developing an incredible web page for BEA. Right now it contains a list of links and an article, and will contain literature, news, and a lotof great things. We had great PIZZA, thanks to Nancy.


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