Bloodroot Collective, a vegetarian feminist restaurant and book store in Connecticut managed collectively by its employees.

Eastern Shore Chicken Sanctuary web page contains a large directory of links about relating animal liberation to racism, world hunger, feminism, and other social justice causes.

Carol Adams' web page, listing and describing all of her books.

Gay/Straight Animal Rights Alliance, a radical group in Salt Lake City linking animal liberation to queer justice

Feminists for Animal Rights, an ecofeminist organization that publishes a newsletter, coordinates a program for companion animals caught in domestic violence, and offers slide shows and workshops on how women's liberation goes hand-in-hand with animal liberation

Animal Lovers Project web page of a traveling multimedia performance by women about human's relationships to other animals

This page contains lists of ecofeminist events, web pages, books, and other great resources

Women's Voices for the Earth is a group from Montana that connects feminism to environmental defense

Eve Online is a great ecofeminist resource page, with lots of links, news, philosphy, activism and more

An ecofeminist resource page that contains ecofeminist philosophy, links, and other resources

The EcoJustice Network has a great page documenting and promoting the environmental justice movement, linking environmental degradation to racism

This is the original Amazon Bookstore, the oldest feminist bookstore in the country, and you can order all of your ecofeminist books from them, not!

BEA's own Nancy Lancy rants and RAVES!

Local Feminist Projects

Womanifesto (formerly Radical Women of Color) - contact Neha Mahajan (sorry, no email address, web page or phone number are available at this time)

The Lesbian Avengers is a women's direct action, anti-defamation group with a flair for street theater, call (617) 983-3473

New Words Book Store is a feminist book store in Cambridge, Massachusetts from which you can order many ecofeminist books, even online

Anonymous Girls is a feminist art and activism community in Boston

Local Student and Community Animal Liberation and Environmental Defense Projects
MIT Students for the Ethical Treatment of Animals' web page

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