Founded 2001

We are a grassroots group of Boston-based activists dedicated to ending oppression of women, animals and the earth. We work to raise awareness of the connections between the abuse of women and animals, and to expose the forces that contribute to this dual exploitation. As ecofeminists working to end sexism, racism, classism, speciesism, homophobia and environmental degradation, we recognize the need to unite social justice movements and actively work to create cross-movement alliances.


Now, besides all the horror and abuse from the Taliban, the Women of Afghanistan have to worry about getting bombed by the Peace Lovin' Americans.

Reports have surfaced of the Taliban testing biological and chemical weapons on animals.

Upcoming Events:

Sat Oct 19th
Boston Vegetarian Food Festival
(BEA will be tabling)

Tues Oct 22nd
Resistance 2 Revolution Tour in Boston
(BEA is co-hosting the event)

Tues Oct 29th
Harvest Co-op Annual Meeting at Middle East
(BEA table)

BEA on Gender Talk

BEA will be co-hosting this tour in Boston with the Lucy Parsons Center on October 22nd 2002:

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