Here is my Dad's 1950 MG TD

It was restored from the ground up over a 10 month period in 1989/1990 in his one car garage

dadsmg1.jpg (33349 bytes) 
  This is how we brought it home in 1989, 2 pickup truck loads of parts and a bare chassis


dadsmg2.jpg (41781 bytes)

Here's the redone suspension with the rebuilt engine, trans, and rear

dadsmg3.jpg (33210 bytes)

Now it runs......time for body and paint

dadsmg4.jpg (36888 bytes)

Here it is at its first car show - New Hope Auto Show 1990 It took a third place in its
class without a top or side curtains. As of 1999 at New Hope it has taken 6 First Place,
one Second and two Third place awards. It now also has over 40,000 miles on it since
it was restored and still took home a First place award in 1999.

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