Chip Berlet, Wall Street appendage

Here are links to articles which present a candid portrait of John Foster "Chip" Berlet, and how he has made a career of being an attack-chihuahua for the most corrupt elements of the American power elite:

Chip Berlet and the Ford Zoo, by Anton Chaitkin (Executive Intelligence Review, June 16, 2006)

A survey of articles about Berlet, courtesy of

Chip Berlet, SlimVirgin, and Wikipedia

"Berlet for Beginners" by Ace R. Hayes (Portland Free Press, July/August 1995 issue)

"The Truth Matters" by Ace R. Hayes (Portland Free Press, July/August 1997 issue)

The Quinde Affidavit -- Chip talks about his strange bedfellows (EIR)

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