Tok'ra Trouble!!!

Tokra Trouble!!!

"Oh god, not again!" Sam Carter shrieked before dashing out of bed and to the bathroom to be ingloriously sick.

She had been throwing up now for two weeks ever since.... "No, I am so not going to think about him," Sam thought to herself.
About a month ago the Tok'ra high council had sent Martouf and Aldwin to assist sg-1 on procuring some very important information from a spy that was on a planet where there was no stargate and the native people had confiscated his ship. The only reason sg-1 had to go along was because none of the Tok'ra spoke the native language, so Danny had to go, so of course Colonel O'Neil had to go to make sure that Danny didn't get himself killed, and so then it was decided that every one should go.
Anyway, they had all gone, but Apophis had unexpectedly made an appearance (what's new there he pops up everywhere). The team got separated, so when Sam and Martouf met up, they ended up having mad passionate sex in a cave. After the little escapade they felt uncomfortable around each other for the rest of the journey.
They rescued the operative and got the hell out of there. However, Aldwin dropped sg-1 off on a planet with a Stargate, Sam never got to say good-bye to Martouf because the Colonel.

Sam walked down the hall to the infirmary trying to dodge everyone, since she wasn't in the mood for talking to anyone and besides she still felt queasy. Janet was the only one in the infirmary.

"Hey Sam, what can I do for you?" the brown haired woman asked Sam.

Sam hesitated before answering, hoping and praying that Janet would prove her own theory wrong.

"Um, I haven't been feeling well, so I was wondering if you could run a few tests on me," Sam explained. Janet knew there must be something really wrong with Sam for her to come and volunteer for tests.

"Sure Sam, hop on the bed and let me take a look at you".

Sam did as she was asked. Janet ran a few physicals, took some blood, and told Sam that she would have the test results in the morning. Sam thanked Janet and went about her work.

"Sam! Sam! look out!!" Daniel shouted. Sam didn't have time to react, the Colonel ran straight into her knocking her back flying through the air, but the colonel remained upright. She landed with a bump.

"Oh, I am sorry Carter, I wasn't looking where I was going." O'Neill apologised.

Sam raised her head and nodded briefly before blackness engulfed her.

"Sam! Sam can you hear me?" Sam felt so dizzy and nauseas.

"Um, what happened?" Sam mumbled rubbing her head.

"Jack ran straight into you, you hit your head and passed out." Daniel explained clearly concerned about her.

Sam looked about her, she was lying on a hospital gurney.

"Well I am glad your awake, um, I see nothing wrong with you now so your free to go home and get some rest ... oh and I will have the results of your blood tests tomorrow." Janet announced.

"Thanks." Sam replied and left the infirmary to go home.

" Sg-1 you are due to leave for the Tok'ra home base at 1100 hours." General Hammond drawled in his Texas accent.

"Doctor Frasier do you have anything to add.

Janet eyed each member of Sg-1 that was seated at the table, and no matter how many times she had practised what she was going to say she just couldn't bring herself to say it.

"Um, I got the results back from Sam's blood test... and well, she's um, well pregnant."

There was total silence. #The calm before the storm#. Then colonel O'Neill burst "I thought you were more sensible than that, getting yourself knocked up!" Sam looked like she was about to cry, her whole world had been turned upside down. Her hand went to her stomach "Martouf's baby, I am carrying Martouf's baby!" Sam said to herself. She was half over joyed and half frightened, both emotions battling each other at the same time.

"Well major, congratulations." The general said.

"Will Sam still be able to go on off world missions with us?" Daniel asked curiously.

"I don't see why not so long as she feels up to it; however, as she reaches five months she will have to stick to lab work only." Janet offered.

"Sg-1 is no place for pregnant women." Colonel O'Neil growled.

"Take no notice of colonel O'Neil major, just go and get geared up, you ship out to the Tok'ra home world in thirty minutes." General Hammond ordered.

"Jack, I want to see you in my office now." General Hammond added.

Everyone got up and left the briefing room.

Sam ran what she was going to say to Martouf over and over in her mind, how in eight month's time he was going to be a father, and then it struck her, how was Lantesh going to react. She had never gotten kitted up so fast in her life. No one had seen anything of the Colonel since his outburst in the briefing room, come to think about it she didn't see anyone since the outburst.

She was the first one in the gate room, it was just past 1100 hours, or so, the others mustn't be far behind. As if on cue the door opened and in walked Daniel, Teal'c, the colonel, and boy he look pissed, whatever the General must have said to him mustn't have been all that nice.
The stargate sped into action, each one of the chevrons locking in the familiar red glow, then the wormhole engaged springing to life, Sam still thought it was fascinating.
Daniel was the first up the ramp, followed by Teal'c, then the colonel, and finally by Sam.

The trip was as fast as usual, there was a small welcome party when they emerged on the other side. Sam felt really sick, she wasn't sure if it was morning sickness or apprehension.
Among the welcome party were Korra, Freya, Persus, Aldwin and her father.

"No Martouf." Sam thought. A smile came to her face when she saw her father. She had to tell him about the baby too, but that could wait for now. He would be a little taken back at first then he would be pleased for her unlike her CO. Sam saw Colonel O'Neil skulking off to one side ignoring her. That hurt, the way he was ignoring her like that. Her father came up to her, took her into his arms for a very welcomed hug. God, she didn't realise just how much she needed a hug. It was like when she was a child again.
Sg-1 followed the welcome party to where the transport rings where located. Sam loved the way the rings whooshed them down into the tunnels. She loved being surrounded by the crystals, it felt like home to her... which was probably a feeling left over from Jolinar.
Daniel had gone with Freya to learn about some ancient culture that had never been encountered by the Goa'uld, Teal'c went with Korra to trade fighting techniques, the colonel, who was now really pissed off went with Aldwin, because apparently Garshaw wanted to speak with him. So that left Sam, who went with Persus, since her father had been called away unexpectedly.
Persus walked with his head down (probably having a conversation with his host).

"Councillor Persus, is Martouf on a mission?" Sam inquired. Persus raised his head and looked into Sam's eyes.
"Martouf is here, he is in his private chambers recuperating." Persus replied.

"Recuperating from what?" Sam asked now a little worried.

"Martouf was captured two weeks ago by Calie the destroyer, he was brutally tortured and Lantash is still trying to heal his injuries." Persus added. Sam suddenly felt sick and dizzy, she began to sway, luckily Persus caught her before she fell to the floor.

"Major Carter are you alright?" Persus asked, seeing that the woman had gone awfully pale. Sam was still trying to get over the uncomfortable news that Persus had just given her.

"May I see him?" Sam inquired trying her best not to cry. "God these hormones are a nightmare!" Sam thought to herself.

Persus stood Major Carter up, " Yes, he hasn't seen anyone for days. The council has been trying to have me partake of a word with him... but I believe that he will listen to you more than me." Sam thanked Persus and went about finding Martouf. Sam walked along a few tunnels and around a few corners before deciding that she was hopelessly lost. Luckily for Sam there were two centurions standing guard outside what looked like the main council chamber.

" There must be a council meeting." Sam thought.

She decided to ask the centurion's were she could find Martouf.

"Excuse me, hi, could you tell me where I could find Martouf?" Sam asked them.

They both grinned, the tall one pointed to the end of the tunnel telling Sam to take a left.
Sam thanked the centurion and followed his instructions to the tee. She was relieved when she sensed Lantash, which probably meant that Martouf could sense her too.
Stopping just under an archway Sam took a deep breath and strolled into the chamber.

Martouf was settled at his desk, obviously working on something, he didn't even look up.

"Hi Martouf, how are you?" Sam asked. Martouf looked up and his eyes flashed, "Go away Tau'ri!!!" The unmistakable voice of Lantash told her.

"It's good to see you, when Persus told me about you I was so..."

"I thought I told you to leave!" Lantash growled. Sam walked over to a chair that was on her side of the desk and sat down, making it clear that she had no intention of leaving.

"We have to talk." Sam announced still deciding on how she was going to tell him.

At that Lantesh stood up and crossed the room to pour himself a glass of water.

"Look human, I am not in the mood to talk to you or anyone." Lantesh hissed.

"Yeah, well that's just tough, because I have something really important to tell you." Sam shouted getting rather pissed off at Lantash's rude behaviour.

Lantash slammed the cup down, crossed the room over to Sam was sitting, and hauled her to her feet. Sam was unprepared for it, and she began to feel sick and dizzy again.

His face was inches from her own.

"Now listen Tau'ri, I want you to leave, what happened between us was a mistake, I felt sorry for you because you had been separated from your friends." He barked and let go of Sam. Sam was now crying, partly because he felt so rough, and partly because of what he had just said.

"Well, I am sorry that you feel that way." Sam cried and headed for the exit. She stopped and turned around briefly and announced,

"I only came here to tell you that I am pregnant. And since you have made it abundantly clear that you don't want me, then its clear you won't want our baby either." Sam screamed, she ran from him as fast as her legs would carry her.

Martouf was in complete shock, he was feeling very angry with himself and Lantash.

< Martouf did our ears deceive us> Lantash queried his host.

(I am not talking to you, you have just ruined our relationship with Samantha, and now she doesn't want to know us, and yes Lantash, she did say she was with child, our child, and thanks to you we will never see it either) Martouf screamed at his symbiote remembering seeing the pained look on her face and damning himself for making her cry. Martouf looked over at his desk then back at the exit and decided to go after her.

Sam ran from the room in floods of tears.

"How could Lantash be so mean, he didn't even try to come after me when I told him about my baby." Sam cried to herself.

She bumped into several Tok'ra who stared at her. She ran faster and ran straight into Garshaw and Persus.

"Major Carter what is the matter?" Persus asked her. Sam tried to control her sobs, " Lantash told me that he never wants to see me again, that what we have together means nothing to him, he threatened me, before throwing me out." Sam cried shaking a little.

"He is just upset give him some...."

"Samantha! Samantha! Please wait we have to talk." Martouf called from the end of the tunnel. Sam pushed past Garshaw and Persus and ran for the rings. She just made it as three Tok'ra were transporting from the surface.

Sam knew that Martouf wouldn't be far behind so she ran as fast as she could to the gate and began to dial. The fourth chevron engaged as she heard the rings activate again. Sam hit two more chevrons in as she heard Martouf call her name, she turned around briefly to see him running towards her. She had now dialled the seventh chevron and the gate had engaged, Martouf was getting closer. Sam pulled out her GDO, she was about to key in the code when a hand came from behind her and grabbed it out of her hands. Sam spun around to see Martouf out of breath.

"Give that back!" Sam yelled angrily.

"No, not until you listen to me," Martouf replied breathlessly. Sam really wasn't in the mood to talk, so she lunged forward and tried to grab the GDO off Martouf. But he was too quick, he dropped the GDO, grabbed her wrists and held her firmly. She tried to struggle but his grip only got tighter. Sam tried her best not to cry but failed.

"Oh spirits," Martouf cursed, pulling her tight into his arms stroking her hair affectionately.

"Everything is going to be alright, I promise you." Martouf soothed.

"No it isn't, Lantash hates me, you hate me, you said what we have together means nothing to you, and that you never want to see me again." Sam cried looking into his grey eyes that were clouded with guilt and sorrow.

"Lantash was just in a bad mood, and he had no right to take it out on you." Martouf whispered.

"Please forgive us Samantha. I do not think I could go on living if you did not talk to us." Martouf begged. Sam looked deeply into his eyes believing everything that he said.

"You said that you felt sorry for me because I got separated from my friends." Sam sniffed.

"Samantha... we both love you, Lantash is afraid that if we love you too much, you will be taken from us, like... Jolinar was." Martouf explained. Sam suddenly felt so stupid having caused a scene with Persus and Garshaw.

"I am sorry I barged out like that." Sam apologised. Martouf raised her head with his hand so that he could look upon her tear stained face.

< She looks so vulnerable and pale> Lantash told his host.

(Lantesh that's because you upset her, and she is with child) Martouf chided Lantesh, but he couldn't help but smile at the prospect of having a child of his own.

"What are you smiling at?" Sam asked him.

He placed his other hand protectively over her stomach.

" I thought that I would never have children of my own," he confessed. Sam saw a tear roll down his cheek, and she brushed it away with her hand.

"We love you Samantha." Martouf whispered before he kissed her slowly.

"What am I going to tell Garshaw and Persus?" Sam asked laughing. Martouf started laughing.

"Tell them that we had an argument, but we kissed and made up." Sam punched him playfully.

"Samantha, where did you learn to run like that?" Martouf inquired.

"I just pretended that you were Doctor McKenzie, and I was running for my sanity." Sam explained and burst out into laughter as she saw the puzzled look on Martouf's face.

Sam and Martouf walked hand in hand back to the rings.

They disappeared under ground in a flash of light.

When they got below O'Neil, Danny, Teal'c, her father, Garshaw, and Persus were waiting for them.

"Martouf, is everything alright now?" Garshaw asked.

Martouf looked at Sam and smiled.

"Yes, everything is fine now, we also have an announcement to make," Martouf offered.

"Samantha is pregnant with our child, and we wish to be married as soon as possible," Martouf announced proudly.
The whole place went silent. Sam wasn't sure if that was good or bad.

"Wow, Sammie congratulations!" Jake laughed hugging his daughter. Sam rather reluctantly hugged him back. Jake then turned to Martouf and shook his hand.

"You had better look after my daughter, or I will damage a certain part of your anatomy that not even Lantesh will heal." Jake whispered to Martouf threateningly. Martouf nodded his head in acknowledgement.

"Martouf, I am pleased for you, and I grant you permission to marry Samantha." Garshaw said smiling.

"Sorry about what I said earlier, my hormones are all over the place." Sam said apologetically. Garshaw and Persus just bowed their heads. Sam glanced over at Colonel O'Neil. He looked at her and shook his head with disgust before looking away.

"God, why can't he just be happy for me, is it wrong for me to want a bit of happiness in my life?" Sam thought to herself.

"Samantha did you hear what I just said?" Martouf asked her.

"God sorry Martouf, I was miles away." Sam replied rubbing her head.

"I said... never mind it does not matter." Martouf cut off sensing that something was the matter.

"Samantha and I have to talk please excuse us." Martouf announced and led Sam away from the group of people and to the safety of his private chamber.

Lantesh said.

(I can see that) Martouf replied.

(Yes I did, I have a feeling that he is not at all happy that Samantha is pregnant)

(Does he wish Samantha to be alone all her life?)

Lantesh replied sarcastically.

(Maybe I will)

< Yes, Martouf I thought that I should tell you that Samantha looks like she is going collapse from exhaustion>.

Martouf glanced at Sam who was swaying.
He caught her before she fell to the floor.

"He hates the sight of me, the only time I saw that look on his face was when..." Sam flinched at the memory.

"Was when?" Lantesh asked her.

Sam began to Cry again.

(I am going to kill O'Neil for doing this to our Samantha) Martouf cursed.

Lantesh hissed.

"was when I killed Seth with the hand device, he tried to hide his disgust with sarcasm." Sam cried.

Lantesh screamed angrily in Martouf's head.

(Now now remember what you said, our hitting him will not make things better for Samantha) Martouf calmly reminded his symbiote, although hitting O'Neil would feel pretty good.

Lantesh said.

"Samantha ignore O'Neill, he is just jealous that you are happy, and the fact that you are with me and not with him." Lantesh told her. Sam knew deep inside that he was right.

"You're right, god I love you both so much." Sam whispered as she held on tightly to Martouf.

Lantesh sighed, obviously content with the way that things had turned out.

(Yes with no thanks to you) Martouf replied.

"Did you mean what you said to Garshaw about you marrying me?" Sam asked innocently.

"Yes Samantha I... we meant every word." Martouf whispered.

He was just about to kiss her again, when colonel O'Neil came barging into Martouf's private chamber. " Major we are leaving right now." O'Neill shouted. " Yes sir, I will join you in a minute." Sam replied. " No Major, right now come on!" he yelled, dragging Sam out of Martouf's chamber.

(I AM GOING TO KILL HIM) Martouf yelled and raced out after Sam and O'Neill.

Martouf saw O'Neill dragging Sam down the corridor, she looked really pale again.

Lantesh warned.

"Colonel.. Jack please let me go your hurting me," Sam pleaded trying to free herself from O'Neil's grip.

Jack stopped suddenly and turned her around to face him.

"Marty only wants you because he thinks you are Jolinar, and... god you're going to have his kid, why, why on earth would you want his kid?" O'Neil demanded.

Sam looked at him and shook her head.

"Because I love him, I want his child." Sam answered softly trying not to draw more attention to themselves.

O'Neill threw his head back laughing, " Have you ever stopped to think that the thing you are carrying is harcesis?".

Sam nodded.

"Well let me tell you one thing Carter, if it is harcesis then I fully intend to let the NID blokes have it!" O'Neill shouted.

"Jack what has gotten into you...I thought you were my friend... I thought you cared about me?" Sam cried thoroughly hurt by what he had just said.

"O'Neil, you leave Samantha alone!" Lantesh yelled angrily.

O'Neil stared at Martouf who looked really pissed.

"Well, I was wondering when you where going to show up." O'Neill growled.

"Let go of Samantha and get out of here."

O'Neill shoved Sam roughly. Thank-god Martouf was standing there or Sam would probably be flat out on the deck.

"O'Neil you are seriously trying my patience." Lantesh growled, his eyes flashing and his stance became one of an animal ready to pounce on his unsuspecting pray.

"You deserve her.. she'll sleep with anyone to get the technology that she wants." O'Neill retorted glaring at Lantesh.

That was it, Lantesh lunged for O'Neil knocking him flying into the wall. O'Neil tried to punch Lantesh away but failed, instead he was getting his head smashed in.

"Lantesh please stop." Sam begged crying, she tried to separate the two but failed.

O'Neil went to hit Lantesh but Martouf ducked and he punched Sam in the face instead, knocking her out. Martouf spun around to see his pregnant mate lying unconscious on the floor.

"Samantha!" Martouf yelled as he knelt down next to her and pulled her into his arms.

"Marty.. I didn't mean to, oh god!" Jack exclaimed. Martouf looked at Sam then back at O'Neill.

"If you have harmed my child I swear you will be sorry, and if you ever try to come near Samantha or my child I will kill you very slowly." Martouf snarled through gritted teeth.

Colonel O'Neil realised that he had and truly pushed his luck, and decided to give Martouf some cooling off space.

"I will... I am so sorry, please tell Sam I'm sorry." Jack mumbled and left leaving Martouf with Sam.

"Hum.. What's going on?" Sam asked sleepily rubbing her swollen eye.

"O'Neil tried to punch me, but I avoided his blow and he hit you instead." Martouf whispered looking into Sam's eyes.

"I might as well just stay on the floor, I mean I have spent the better part of today down here." Sam sighed.

Martouf smiled slightly.

"Hey, it isn't funny, I've spent the past two weeks worshipping the porcelain bowl," Sam added feeling sorry for herself.

Martouf looked a little confused at Sam's last remark.

"morning sickness, not a pleasant thing.. Huh, I don't know why they bother calling it morning sickness it lasts all day." Sam explained pouting.

Martouf took his mate into his arms and held her.

"O'Neill said that he was sorry, he cannot be mad at you forever Samantha." Martouf whispered soothingly into her ear.

"You are right Martouf?" Sam replied sleepily.

Within minutes she had fallen into a deep sleep dreaming about their baby.


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