The Newest System Lord

The Newest System Lord

"Now remember keep your eyes peeled the planet we are gating to. This planet is the home world of the Goa'uld system lord Yu so if you see any snakeheads..."
"Sir I don't think you need to worry about that sir the place is four hours walk away from the Palace so I wouldn't worry about any Jaffa, they usually reside within the palace or just outside the walls, besides the malp didn't show any signs of life" major Samantha carter explained packing extra ammunition onto Fred just in case there were any Jaffa in the immediate vicinity.
"Yes carter, what ever you say and just when did you send this malp?" the colonel demanded. Sam spun around and glared at him.
"About 24 hours ago sir, so I don't think we have anything to worry about" Sam hissed, walking up the ramp with Fred rolling in front of her.
"Ah well then Carter ladies first" O'Neill replied sarcastically as he held his arm out to the Stargate. Sam mumbled something under her breath and stepped through the blue event horizon.
"Nice one jack, Sam was already in a bad mood you didn't have to go and make it worse, cos now she is going to be like this all day and anyone who even attempts to talk to her is going to get their head bitten of and it will probably be me" Daniel whined placing his hat upon his head and readjusting his glasses.
Yep this was going to be a lovely day...

"Ow Sam why did you stop there" Daniel asked after he had walked straight into the back of the blonde scientist. Sam just stood there looking around her at the mass of dead bodies lying all over the ground. Teal'c stood at the bottom of the stone steps looking around.
Just then Colonel O'Neill exited the Stargate and went smack bang right into Daniel.
"Ouch Danny whadidyado that for" He exclaimed rubbing his sore nose.
"Have you seen those dead Jaffa, there are hundreds of them Jack".
Jack O'Neill took a look over Daniels head. He was right there were dead Jaffa everywhere some were slumped up against trees, some were lying on the floor, some were lying on top of each other yet there were no wounds, no bruises there weren't even any signs of struggle, just Jaffa everywhere with pale faces.
"Hey have you seen all the cool weapons, just waiting for someone to come and steal.... Wait sorry borrow with no intention of giving back" Jack joked, trying to lighten the dense atmosphere.
Sam smiled albeit briefly, her blue eyes lit up for a few seconds before focusing back on the area in front of her.
There were lots of trees and grass, with a few flowers scattered everywhere. About a mile from their position was a scattering of steep hills and just beyond that was the palace looking as prominent as ever.
"UM sir I think its safe to keep going just as long was we keep an eye out" Sam said, hositing her p90 over her shoulder and drawing her Zat from its holder. Teal'c went in front followed by Sam then Daniel and finally Jack who was eyeing the discarded weapons greedily. They walked across the grassy fields and through numerous mud puddles.
"Cant we just gather these weapons and head back home" Jack pleaded. Daniel shook his head in anger
"For once in your life jack be a man and stop being a scared mouse" Daniel said. Sam just laughed at the bemused look on her CO's face.
"Well that's rich coming from you Daniel" Jack replied
Sam got the impression that the colonel was spoiling for a fight so she decided to nip the little argument in the bud. Walking up to Daniel and the colonel she placed one of her hands one of both on the men's chest and whispered quietly "Can you guys just agree to disagree on this one?". The colonel stared his blonde haired blue eyed major in the eye for a minute.
"We will finish this argument later, when there aren't any ladies present" O'Neill hissed at the young archaeologist.
"Thank you!" Sam exclaimed throwing her arms up into the air in a dramatic gesture. Teal'c had kept out of this situation, due to the enormous amount of confidence he had in the Tau'ri woman. However in the unlikely event that she could not regain control of the situation he was prepared to step in and take whatever action was necessary.

"OK that place is no weekend hunting lodge" Jack said sarcastically. Daniel shook his head.
" No it isn't rumour has it that you may only enter if you have a brain" Daniel joked " and since you don't have one of those I guess you will have to wait outside" Daniel added.
The colonel's face turned bright red. Sam wasn't sure if it was from anger or embarrassment.
More arguments ensued as the walk progressed. The Goa'uld fortress stood prominent. It looked like something out of a dream. Daniel stood staring up at the huge Chinese shaped roof. More dead bodies lay scattered around the palace exterior.
"I wonder how all of these Jaffa died. There are no signs of a struggle. No weapons fire no nothing" Sam said aloud whilst stepping over dead bodies. The rest of the team remained silent, for they were all wondering the same thing. Daniel spotted the large gold gates the gold on the top fashioned like dragons. He went up to the gate; it opened of its own accord.
"Wow that's weird I didn't even touch anything" Daniel exclaimed jumping back a few paces.
"Well I find that hard to believe" Jack muttered. Daniel only glared at the grey haired colonel, he could be an ass some of the time.
"Maybe they have some sort of advanced sensors" Sam suggested.
"Ok kids lets go and have a quick look around" O'Neill ordered following Daniel through the opened gates. The inside of the palace looked pretty much like the countryside. Littered with dead bodies. Sam spun around quickly pointing her gun at the empty tavern.
"Carter what is it?" The colonel asked aiming his own P-90 at the deserted Tavern.
"I thought I heard something" Sam whispered holding her gun tightly. Teal'c cocked his head to one side before saying "I hear nothing". Jack shot a look at Teal'c. He then patted Sam on the shoulder reassuringly "Probably the wind carter, you gonna be ok?" Sam nodded her head unsurely. Daniel resumed walking. The blacksmiths firs still burned brightly in the deserted building. So whatever happened can't have happened long ago. Teal'c heard a strange sound and aimed his staff into the direction for whence it came.
"Teal'c what up" Jack demanded, becoming increasingly unnerved.
"O'Neill I heard a strange sound coming from that building over there" Teal'c replied.
> O'Neill now led the team to the rather old building in the corner that looked like some sort of Chinese fireworks warehouse. Sg-1 pointed their weapons at the building. The sounds growing louder and louder. Jack placed his hand on the door handle and held up three fingers on his other hand indicating to the others that on three they were going to go into the building guns a blazing.
Jack counted down three on his fingers then he flung the door wide upon. Sam, Daniel and Teal'c charged inn weapons pointing at the noise over against the far wall it was a...

Goat. Four goats stood in their makeshift pen eating straw. Sam, jack and Daniel let out an audible sigh. Their tense shoulders relaxed. They started laughing.
"Well I think we found our noisy army" jack laughed which was soon interrupted by something sharp prodding in his back.
"Carter stop it "He laughed but the prodding was insistent. Jack spun around ready to pull the weapon from Carters hand, when he was faced with twenty five rather angry looking people dressed in rags
. "Hello" jack said aloud.
Sam, Daniel and Teal'c turned around to see the people. They raised their weapons ready to fire. The people had their weapons aimed at jacks head and heart. One of them wearing a green worn jacket stepped forward.
"My name is Thisara first prime of our new emperor, be warned if you are Goa'uld you will be show no mercy. As this world is now free from those vile creatures that were once our masters." The grey haired man announced.
"Ok well we aren't Goa..."
"That one is Jaffa" one person yelled pointing his finger at Teal'c. The rest of the villagers trained their weapons solely on Teal'c. Jack whom was becoming very annoyed decided to piss the locals off even more.
"Ok well if this leader of your is so powerful how come he didn't get us when we came through the Stargate".
"He wanted you to come into the palace grounds were he knew we would have no trouble in apprehending you" Thisara replied. Jack suddenly felt so stupid, he wished that he had have called Hammond to send backup when they first came to the planet.
"Place you weapons on the ground and step away from them" Thisara ordered never taking his eyes off jack. Sam looked at jack seeking his order. He nodded his head. Taking out his Zat, and placed that along with his back pack and P-90. Sam and Daniel did the same.

Sg-1 walked slowly back to the door that they came in. The party walked up the steep steps to the door of the imperial palace. The door groaned as it open to reveal the walls decorated with hieroglyphics all the colour green. Palace workers how were also dressed in rags stopped what they were doing to stare at Sg-1.
"Look campers we have an audience" jack stated. He was rewarded by the end of a staff weapon thrust into his back. Jack let out a small yelp of pain. Sam thought it best not to retaliate as doing say may result in more than a sore back. Instead she gave jack concerned look to make sure that he was alright. He nodded but his teeth were gritted firmly together. They walked down several halls. The dcor was the same green hieroglyphs except torches were hung on the walls their flames burning brightly. Thisara stopped when he came to a large red door that had silver handles shaped like coiled dragons.
Two of the other people through opened the doors and ushered sg-1 inside. Sam looked around the room. It obviously belonged to someone of great importance. But it didn't look like it had once belonged to Yu as the main colour of decoration was different shades of blue much like the colour of the crystals in the Tok'ra tunnels. But why would a system lord adopt the tastes of a hated enemy?. Sam looked around more closely. There was a silver sarcophagus over near the window.
"Silver that's weird" Sam thought to herself for usually sarcophagi were gold.
"Kneel before you new Master" Thisara commanded. Jack gave Sam a look that said "Just do it". Rather reluctantly Sg-1 fell to their knees. Suddenly the dormant sarcophagus sprung into life. The top opened and a figure sat up slowly. The figure then turned to look Sam straight in the eye. Sam let out a choked gasp.
"Martouf!" Sam exclaimed aloud before darkness overcame her and she fell to the ground.

The sandy haired coloured, grey eyed man raised his head. He studied the four people who had been brought before him. They reminded him of something only he couldn't remember what. But then again they were probably sent by his enemy's to spy on him. No he couldn't trust them they would have to executed immediately. If only he could remember the name of his first prime then he could order him to execute the spies.
"You take these spies away and execute them at noon tomorrow" Martouf barked, folding his arms in front of him. Jack and the guys didn't get chance to resist as Thisara shot them all once with a Zat.

********* Part 2 *********

"Mmm No how "Sam muttered as she regained consciousness. Jack ran the palm of his hand over Sam's forehead. Sam sat up with a start. She wiped her arm over her sweaty brow.
"Martouf it was Martouf I saw him how I killed him" Sam cried, tears beginning to slip down her cheek. Teal'c could only stare at this usually strong woman subdued. Neither Daniel nor jack knew quite what to say. Although Jack had hated Martouf, Martouf had meant something to Sam. Sam's cries turned into sobs. She was sobbing for about Fifteen minutes before one of the strange people came and unbolted the cell door. One man stepped inside and pointed his staff weapon at Sam.
"What is wrong with the woman" he demanded tightening his grasp on his staff, preparing himself for trouble.
"She is just a little upset right now" Daniel replied pushing his glasses further up his nose. Sam suddenly had an idea.
"If I pretend to be really upset that I am hysterical because I am going to die, then maybe they will take me to Martouf to beg his permission to live?" Its was worth a shot.
"I am so upset because I don't want to die. I am only young I have many years to live" Sam cried wiping her arm across her eyes. The tears soaking into the material. The other man who had been waiting outside came into the dark cell. He walked over to Sam and grabbed her arm roughly.
"Leave her alone you son of a ..." he didn't get chance to finish his sentence. The other man whacked him over the head hard with the end of his staff. Sam let out a strangled gasp. She hadn't meant for Jack to get hurt.
"Enough of this foolishness Mikka will have our heads if anything happens to these people" said the one that grabbed Sam. The man with the staff glared at jack, before grabbing Sam other arm and marching her out of the holding cell. The door slammed shut. The bolt could be heard locking. Daniel just looked at jack and sighed.
" I hope she is going to be ok".
The two men dragged Sam out of the cell and across the courtyard to the main palace building. Chinese dragons were everywhere. The only thing that seemed out of place were the two Greek style benches that were in front of a small fountain. Sam tried to get a better look at it but the men yanked on her arm so hard that she nearly fell over. A large door opened to let them in. Green hieroglyphics were everywhere. Sam began to feel dizzy. She glanced into the large oval mirror on one of the walls. She looked a mess. Mascara stained all of her eyes; her blonde hair looked like it hadn't seen a brush in donkey's years. One of the men caught her looking at her reflection in the mirror and through his head back with laughter. Sam got really mad, anger and disgust for her captors completely overwhelming her along with the sadness and guilt for what Martouf had become.
"You are about to die by the hand of our lord and you are worried about your appearance" the man said. Sam scowled and tried to kick the grotesque man. But he dodged her kick and laughed harder.
"You really are pathetic".
Sam decided against further actions as they might result in her been taken back to her cell. That defiantly wouldn't help her or her friends. The doors sprung open to reveal Martouf sat on his throne. His grey eyes narrowed at her. His head held high with pride. He looked straight through her and it hurt. Not to mention the guilt having done what she did to him. The two men shoved Sam in front of Martouf and whacked her legs effectively knocking her to her knees.
"Leave us" Martouf commanded waving his right hand in the air. Both men bowed and replied in unison "As you wish my lord". They left briskly closing the doors firmly behind them leaving Samantha and Martouf alone together. It took minutes before Sam had the courage to look up at Martouf.
"I suppose you have come to beg my forgiveness and to free you and your people" He theorised. He laughed out loud. "Martouf please this isn't like you, I realise you must be hurt about what I did." She added in a shaky voice" even thought you asked me to do it" He was now listening intently. She had aroused his curiosity.
"My name is not Martouf and I am most certain that we haven't..." An image came to his mind of him walking in some sort of dunes with this woman. He remembered feeling a little sad, but also anxious and something else. Mikka shook his head banishing these weird images and feelings from his turbulent mind.
"My name is not Martouf" he yelled as he shot up from his throne and began pacing back and forward.
"I don't know what it's that you think you will accomplish, but as I said before you will die tomorrow".
Sam stood up and cried out passionately "but we haven't done anything". Mikka turned around abruptly glaring at Sam. She shuddered never had he looked at her like that. Mikka scratched his head dramatically.
"You came through that..." His sentence was once again interrupted by another image that flooded his mind. This time he was on a ship wide awake watching this woman hugging an old man. Both of which were absolutely filthy. He watched as the woman had gazed down lovingly at the older man. She had then looked over at him and smiled. She looked so beautiful when she smiled. Part of him wished that she would smile right now. Sam had noticed now that twice he had cut off his sentences. Something was wrong. Well of course it was as far as she knew he was supposed to be dead. Killed by her own hand and yet here he was standing in front of her. Living, breathing, talking. Mikka moved to stand directly in front of her. She avoided his gaze by looking down at her feet. He lifted her chin up. Sam tried so hard not to look at him. She couldn't allow him to see that she had been crying. But alas she couldn't help it. Those grey eyes of his were hypnotic. Sam felt like she was drowning. Her hunched shoulder relaxed. Her whole body relaxed. She knew he was going to kiss her and she was powerless to stop him. Even if she could have stopped him she wouldn't. For the first time in months she felt completely at ease. Martouf leaned forward and kissed her. Sam's eyes fluttered closed. She wrapped her arms around Martouf. Martouf pulled her closer to him. Martouf was about to deepen the kiss when the doors to his chamber were thrown open. It was Thisara.
"My lord the other lords have received word about what has transpired here. They are sending ships to claim this world for their own." Martouf snapped back from Sam and ran his fingers through his sandy hair.
"Very well prepare your men and if they should contact you tell them to turn away or be destroyed by Mikka new lord of this world" Thisara bowed his head.
"Yes my lord".
Just as Thisara was about to leave Martouf/Mikka called to him "Oh and make sure that none of them survive this time. Remember the Goa'uld and the Tok'ra are the same. They use hosts to do there bidding, while they are in control". Thisara didn't answer he simply left.
"Surely Martouf you don't believe that. The Tok'ra are good. The Goa'uld are bad" Sam cried. Martouf strode across to her and held her neck roughly.
"My name is Mikka and what those parasites did to me in inexcusable" he growled. Sam coughed trying to free herself for Martouf/Mikka's strong grasp.
"Please Mart... Mikka you are hurting me" Their eyes locked for a few seconds before Martouf loosened his grip and Sam fell to the floor, couching, wheezing and spluttering.
"I am sorry I did not mean... Thisara come in here" Martouf called. The doors swung open and the slave walked in.
"Yes my lord" he said bowing his head as a sign of chosen respect. Martouf studied the man bowing before him. This didn't feel right the man shouldn't be bowing; it's not as if Martouf was anything special.
"Thisara please release the prisoners". Thisara looked most displeased. "My lord what of the woman?"
Martouf shifted his head, his grey eyes narrowing in on the face of the woman. Her face was pink; her blue eyes glistened in the light. Sam looked up at him. He stood proudly. His eyes seemed to penetrate her soul. She felt weak and defenceless.
"She is staying with me now go and do as I have commanded Thisara". They were once again left alone doing nothing more than simply staring at each other neither knowing quite what to say.

"So do you think Sam's going to be ok" Daniel asked. Jack ruffled his grey hair.
" Beats my Daniel but if he so much as lays a finger on her I swear I am gonna...". The three members of sg-1 heard footfalls approaching their location. Teal'c immediately took point. He wasn't going to allow any on else to be taken. Daniel stood up folding his arms in front of. Jack just remained where he was. He'd be damned before showing any sign of weakness to these guys. The gates to the cell opened with a screeching protest. The grey haired guy whom was called Thisara strode forward limping slightly. Two men different from before stood behind him holding their staffs tightly. The old man shook his head and growled "You are free to go".
"What about carter" Jack demanded. Thisara threw back his head and laughed "My lord has decided that she may of yet be some use to him".
"Well I am not going anywhere without..."
"Silence human you will go now move". Daniel not needing the hint grabbed Jacks arm and whispered " We will go to the Okra they will help us get back Sam and hopefully they maybe able to explain why Martouf is still alive when we saw him being shot repeatedly by the presidents men and then killed by Sam". Jack glared at Thisara if looks could kill then Thisara would surly be dead.

Thisara and a party of the slaves for lack of better word walked with the remaining members of sg-1 to the Stargate. Daniel dialled in the address of the Tok'ra home world. The Stargate spun into life. Daniel walked up the steps and waited for hack and Teal'c. Jack bore his eyes into Thisara's "We will be back of that I can guarantee you".
Thisara laughed low in his throat and smiled evilly "And I will be waiting human for next time I will not spare you of this you have my word". Daniel patted jack's arm.
"Come on Jack the longer we leave it the longer Sam will be in his possestion2 He whispered softly. Jack needed no other encouragement. He spun around and walked straight into the blue event horizon. He was going to get carter back if it was the last thing that he ever did.

"Colonel we know" Anise announced.
"We revived Martouf in a sarcophagus and removed Lantash first so that we could attempt to remove the Zatarc programming from Martouf's mind without harming Lantash. Numerous attempts to remove the Zatarc programming were made and one was finally successful. But I am afraid a direct result of the pain he must have been in caused the mental condition of which you witnessed. He went totally as Jacob would say it wacko. He knocked several guards unconscious and stole a very potent chemical from the science lab" She explained.
"What kind of chemical" Daniel asked.
" One deigned to kill every Go'auld symbiote that it comes into contact with over a span of a one hundred square... miles is the term I believe you use. It last in the air for about 24 hours and then it dissipates" Anise added cocking her head to one side.
"So what happens now" Daniel asked staring at anise. She hesitated a moment before answering.
"From what i observed of Martouf's behaviour before he left her considers the Goa'uld and the Tok'ra to be his enemies. To that effect I think he may use the chemical on us". The room went silent. Only the soft humming of the power generator could be heard.
"Shouldn't you guys have well invented an anti dote?" Jack coughed. He didn't get an answer because suddenly the alert siren went off. Tok'ra ran backwards and forwards outside the entrance to the council chamber.
"The council has ordered an immediate evacuation, I am sorry that we cannot help you in the matter of rescuing Major carter" Freya said as she ran out of the chamber. Jack folded his arms and shook his head "Great just great "He exclaimed sarcastically.

Martouf was at silently pondering. His grey eyes occasionally meeting Sam's.
"Samantha that is your name is it not?"
"Yes my name is Samantha and you name is Martouf" Sam said softly. Martouf slammed his fist down hard on the side of his throne.
"For the last time Jolinar I am not called Martouf!!" He yelled angrily not even realising that he had just called her Jolinar. Sam stared at him openly before retorting "Yes you are your name is Martouf and you just called me Jolinar. She was your mate for a hundred years before she died in me". Sam stormed over to Martouf and boldly took his head in her hands. She had one last chance to convince him before he carried out his evil plan.
"You can feel the connection we have Martouf. I Cried for you when you died because... I Killed the man I loved and I should have told you when you came to see me but I was afraid of admitting the feelings to myself" Sam sobbed tears trickling down her cheek. His heart lurched. Another memory came to him. This time he and this woman were sat in the desert holding hands. He remembered having a debate with someone called Lantash. He had wanted to kiss the woman but Lantash had said that it would have been inappropriate.
"I remember a desert we held hands, I wanted to kiss you" he whispered taking hold of her hand, entwining their fingers like they did out in the desert. Time seemed to stop for a few minutes. Sam started blushing upon hearing Martouf's confession that he had wanted to kiss her.
This spell was broken by the door once again being thrown open by Thisara. Martouf instantly relinquished Sam's hand and waited for Thisara to speak.
"My lord the humans have returned to the dark place from whence they came. Shall I carry out the next part of our plan" The old man looked rather cross and impatient. Sam wondered what the second part of the plan was. She knew the first was to wipe out the Go'auld but the second... Then it dawned on her The Tok'ra he was going to destroy the Tok'ra. Dread flooded through her mind. Her dad might be killed along with hope of ever defeating the system lords. She had to stop this. But how? Martouf or Mikka weren't going to listen to her. Where was Lantash surly he should be still alive?
"Excellent Thisara you have done well. Have the troops ready to go through the Chappa'ai Oh and Thisara tell them that I will be joining them" Martouf commanded.
Thisara bowed once more before departing.
"Martouf please don't do this the Tok'ra are the only chance this galaxy has if you kill them then innocent people are going to die please Martouf please" Sam pleaded her heart out. Her hands were shaking.
"I have told you once my name is..." This time he saw a vision of him and the woman surrounded by those of her kind that had came with her and the scum who had done this to him. They were pointing weapons at each other. The human's weapons were primitive in design to the one he was holding. The woman Samantha had called him Martouf. He had been surprised "I do not know this woman" he had replied shooting a glance at first the Tok'ra Cordesh and then back at Samantha.
"But I am right aren't I that's your name Martouf" She had been persistent in her questioning.
"It is. How do you know me" He had replied, his curiosity had long since been aroused.
"I don't but, I knew someone who did his name was Jolinar of Malkshur".
He shook his head and began to pace the floor. He was so confused. His feelings for this woman were the only things he was certain of. Different images swam around in his mind. Most of which were snippets of different conversations he had with Lantash. Who was Lantash? He didn't know. But maybe Samantha did for she knew a great deal about him.
"Who is this Lantash" he asked fear beginning to creep into his voice. Sam's blue eyes widened. He didn't know who Lantash was. Maybe this was the opening she had been praying for. For she had tried other methods of convincing him. She had even told him of her most private feelings and that had had some effect but not quite the effect she had hoped for.
"Lantash was you symbiote. More than that he was your best friend. You have been blended together for eighty years ... i think"Sam explained. He rubbed his head. He was in doubt. Sam decided to up the stakes.
"If you don't believe me then come with me and I will show you" Sam held out her hand. He looked at it, and then he looked back at her face. She was beautiful. Martouf shook his head and placed his warm hand in hers. She squeezed it reassuringly.
"Mikka order your men to stand down, the Tok'ra re not your enemy" Sam asked him. He let out a deep sigh.
"Thisara come her" he yelled knowing that the old man had been on the other side of the door. The door swung open.
"Yes my lord" He asked glaring at Sam. "Call off the attack on the Tok'ra"
Thisara's face went bright read he clenched his fists in anger.
"But my lord you hate and despise the Tok'ra for what they did to you" he spat venomously.
"I may do Thisara, but they are the only ones who can help me" Thisara began to shake with hatred.
"You have done this. You have turned our beloved lord Mikka from us! He raved at Sam threatening her with his fist. Martouf grabbed the older man and pushed him hard against the wall.
"Do not talk to my Samantha like that "he growled. He looked at Samantha, she smiled and then he added "My name is not Mikka it is Martouf it always has been and always will be". Sam smiled. Her heart was overjoyed at hearing the admission by Martouf. Martouf released the man and grabbed Sam's hand.
"Try to stop me from leaving this place or you dare attack the Tok'ra world then I swear I will..."
"Martouf leave him he isn't worth it come, we have to get you to the Tok'ra so that they can help you".
Martouf gave the old man a glare before walking out of the room holding Sam's hand.

Daniel and Teal'c carried the large chest to the transport rings followed by jack who was carrying a Zatarc detector. The Tok'ra had told the sgc team that they couldn't leave until all the Tok'ra had fled this world. This hindered jacks idea of recovering Sam quickly.
In the end they had agreed to help the Tok'ra pack. It had been Ten hours since they had last seen Sam. The whole team was worried about her. She was usually so strong, but seeing Martouf again must have been a great shock to say the very least. Jacks' pondering was interrupted by a large group of Tok'ra running toward the transport rings. Jack decided to go with them. He just to say made it before the grey rings transported the group to the surface.

What a surprise he got when he reached the surface. There was Sam standing on the stone steps, hand in hand with Martouf. His eyes glanced fleetingly around the gathering of people. Their weapons were pointed at his chest. He drew back slightly so that he was half stood behind Sam. He trusted her to protect him. The one he recognised as Anise strode forward. Her head held high.
"If you attempt to move I will have you shot" She barked. Sam began to get angry.
"Anise, Martouf isn't going to hurt you. He is just confused" Sam explained her grip on Martouf's hand tightening.
"Major carter before Martouf left here he stole a very dangerous biological weapon" Anise yelled. Sam turned around slowly to face Martouf. He eyes sought his. That was why their were no external injuries on the jaffa martouf had obviously used some of the poison on them.
"Is this true?" She asked him.
Martouf placed his other hand into his pocket and pulled out two vials. He looked down at them and then back up at Sam. He couldn't betray her, she had trusted him. Instead of releasing the poison as he had originally planned he handed the vials over to Sam.
"Thank you Martouf" She whispered and kissed him lightly on the cheek. She turned back to Anise.
"I have your weapon here now please help Martouf" Sam cried. Anise raised her arm and the Tok'ra put their weapons down.
"Come Martouf ". Sam and Martouf walked hand in hand to the transport rings.

It had been eight hours since Sam had brought Martouf back. Anise had theorised that since they had removed the programming, if they simply put Lantash back into Martouf then Lantash would be able to help Martouf with his mental problems.
Sam had wanted to know how Martouf escaped if he had been in stasis. Anise had explained that when the go ahead was given by the council the body was removed from stasis so that they could revive them in a sarcophagus. Then he had removed Lantash. When they had made sure that Martouf was strong enough, they had proceeded with the attempts to remove the programming. The final breakthrough happened when Martouf's brain was shutting down. For when he awoke later on and they tested him the program was gone. But because of the pain he had suffered from the many botched attempts to remove the programming he went mad and that's when he escaped.
After Freya's explanation Sg-1 were shown to temporary quarters. They were given a meal. Which wasn't bad but it wasn't particularly good either. Sam had returned to the quarters straight after dinner because she was exhausted. She yawned and settled herself comfortably on the bed. She desperately hoped that Putting Lantash back in Martouf would work because she didn't think she could go on living if she lost him for a second time. Slowly she drifted off into a dreamless sleep.

Sam felt something patting her shoulder. She swiped at it idly. The patting became more insistent. She lazily opened her eyes. Martouf was stood over her smiling down at her. He was dressed in the customary Beige Tok'ra uniform. She was aware she looked a mess but she didn't care. "Hi" she said groggily brushing sleep from her eyes.
"Hi" he replied. Martouf moved back slightly so that Sam could sit up.
"Did it work?" Sam asked her voice laced with hope.
"Yes thanks to you. Lantash has restored my mentality to what it was before the Zatarc incident" he explained.
"Oh that good I am glad". Martouf sat down beside her on the bed.
"I am sorry about asking you to kill me. I just couldn't think of any other way" he apologised. Sam didn't say anything; she was too busy trying to contain the tears that were threatening to fall. He turned to face her. His solemn grey eyes sought her glassy blue eyes. Sam bit down on her trembling lower lip. He turned her head so that she looked at him.
"I know it will take some time for us to get over what happened but I guess what I came here to say was that I ... we love you Samantha and we will be forever in your debt" he whispered softly before pulling her into a loving embrace she wrapped her arms tightly around his neck and whispered back
"I love you too". They held each other tightly before relaxing back on the bed. They both drifted off into slumber contentedly. Dreaming of their future together.


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